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Italkbb's customer service is extremely poor and make it very difficult for the existing customers to switch to a new phone provider. We are an italkbb customer and have called italkbb customer service over 15 times in 4 weeks to switch our phone number to Vonage(our new phone company). At this point, we are not successful. The response that we got is always be patient and wait for our call. But they never call. When we call them, they either provide the wrong instructions or repeat the "be patient" message. How can a phone number transfer takes four weeks and still did not get resolved?

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  • Ir
      Mar 22, 2012

    Italkbb rejects to release the phone number to our new phone company, Verizon. Basically, Italkbb is a co. Only hire some workers can only speak polite words, but can't do anything to solve problems, like switching the number. It has been more than 2 weeks, the problem is not resolved. All the customers service don't even know the situation, even though they said they put all the records down. It won't work, because no people really works, only can speak to answer the phone. They are polite, but no use. They have no technicians. Be aware of this kind of co. The name starts with " Ch".

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  • Ch
      Mar 22, 2012

    My number transfer failed due to mismatched address. I called almost everyday. For over 3 weeks, Italkbb only gave me an address in TX and it didn't work. We finally requested to speak to the manger with strong words. Two days later, I called and got a telephone number for the number transferring level 3 company . My new phone company Vonage, and I had a conference call with the number transferring company . Vonage confirmed my zip code to be VA 22102, that probably is Italbb corporation's address. After making couple formal complaints through some organization. I believe Italkbb got the message. They now send one person dealing with my case one day before my number transfer is complete. Talking to the manger with strong word actually solve my problems.

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  • It
      Jul 09, 2012

    The sales representatives are horrible, the one I got hung up and the other one kept transferring me around, refusing to let me "just cancel." After negotiating with them after 1 month, they finally let me cancel but are still charging me miscellaneous fees. The manager couldn't even speak English, and my Chinese is not very fluent. Let's just say negotiation was very, very hard.
    You will waste time, patience and money dealing with this company. They hold your home phone number hostage, refusing to give it back when you want to cancel until you agree to THEIR terms and conditions. :(

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  • Sw
      Aug 29, 2014

    I strongly agree with the complaint. italkBB service is extremely bad.

    I want to terminate my contract at once and switch to some other provider.

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