IRCTCRailway reservation - 'no coach/seat' provided in train against my confirmed reservation ticket

I, mr. Dipak sen booked an confirmed e-tkt on 131-up / sdah mfp fast passenger from sealdah to durgapur as on journey date 06-09-2010 against pnr no. [protected] and trasaction id : [protected] from my a/c of irctc on line tkt reservation system. Further my booking status : confirm; coach : sl1; seat no.: 11/ws. But to my surprise, at the time of boarding in the train, I found that 'there is no reservation coach/ portion of a coach whre I can get my reserved seat to do the journey. I also informed the matter to the on-duty guard of the train, but found a more helpless condition of the person who informed me that 'the said train is running with only gs coaches and no reserved coach or porion of a coach to find my seat against which I booked the confirmed tkt from irctc. The guard, certified the fact on my electronic reservation slip with his signature & date with the endorsement "as per vg, all gs coach".

Now, as a result of the above situation, I had to take a lot of tension, time loss and pain to reach to my destination, i.e., durgapur by alternate means making huge unexpected expenditure and moreover I had to suffer a lot in respect of my service by not being able to report on duty prior an all india strike day having my responsibilities of being an executive in an india govt. Enterprise.

Therefore, I do hereby request you to do the following at the earliest, please.
1) refund my reservation amount for which I was not provided any reserved seat against my booking.

2) intimate me the reason behind such an unexpected, unwarranted harrassment with an bonafide passenger on 'indian railways'.

3) how the irctc authority is going to compensate towards my 'losses' in respect of money, time and above all damage to my service due to the above stated situation.

I expect that, the concerned authority would respond to my genuine complaint within a reasonable and justified time and take the proper measures to compensate the victim of 'non-compliance of promised services after taking payment for the same'

Thanking you and waiting for your reply,

Dipak sen
Mail : rupak. [protected]


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