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iPowerWeb / Stay away from this company!

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I have been with Ipower Web for a year and was very satisfied until now. There service is horrible. I dont call tech support very often. Five days ago I emailed Ipowers tech support with a question about why the web server returns an incorrect time. It actually returns a time that is about four minutes too fast. OK I can fix it by subtracting the minutes but I paid for a server that works. Actually setting the time on a server is automatic unless it was configured that way or someone is just plain dumb.

After waiting 30 hours I emailed them again and waited another day. On day tree I called their tech support and after 30 minutes on hold I got someone. They told me they did not know why the time was incorrect and they agreed to have someone else look at it. I got an email response two days later telling me that:

We are sorry for the inconvenience but they dont offer scripting help and that I should contact (a) script debugging company. (LOL)

First of all I did not need any debugging of script. System.DateTime.Now is a C# function that will return the current Date and Time from the server. I have used this hundreds of times.

OK so after waiting five days I'm told we cant help and its my fault...I decided to call again... OMG what a mistake.

Here goes day five:

About 9 am I call their 888 line. Number 2 gets tech support and 1 hour and 4 minutes later my battery goes dead on the phone. So I get another phone and call again...52 minutes later my cell phone battery dies also. So I call back again and decide to just cancel the account and get a refund. I just renewed the account 6 days ago before all this happened. Any the billing office also would not answer and after holding for another 42 minutes I decided to call the sales dept... Would you believe it; they answered within ten seconds! Remember two hours on hold for tech support... 40 minutes for billing... and 10 seconds for sales!
Ok so I got somebody after 5 days waiting and 3 hours on hold!

A ladies voice quickly told me, however, she could not help and hung up! Yes She HUNG UP ON ME!

So I called back..again got someone at sales within seconds. Again Im told they cant help before they even know why Im calling. The second guy puts me on hold for another 20 minutes. So I call again and get James, who tries to find a supervisor named Eric. When he transfers me to Eric, I get Eric answer machine. So I call back again. I get the same lady who hung up and she again hangs up on me. So I call again. This time I get a man with an accent. He is very rude and asks me If I would like him just to make something up to talk about and then hags up on me. So I call again. This time I get Matthew. Matthew tries to find Eric and puts me on hold for another 15 minutes. So I call back again. I get James again and he finally get Eric the supervisor. Eric listens to my complaint and is only interested in the fact that this is a tech support issue and just wants to put me back on hold. I explained that I had been trying to reach the tech support and had already waited 2 hours on hold. Eric offered no resolution other than to put me on hold for billing so I could cancel my account. After waiting on hold for another 15 minutes I hung up.

I'm not sure what to say other than this is the worst customer service I have ever seen. These people really dont care. They should not be in this business if they cannot give you what you paid for.

I recommend that you do not do business with IPOWER WEB


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