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Their advertised refund policy is the teeny tiny small print!!! I don't remember it there when I purchased their hosting service but it is there now...even so, their tactics are questionable. I paid $114.80 and soon after decided I had gotten in over my head and requested refund. They only refunded $54.00???? What a SCAM. I am guessing that is how they stay in business. The add ons I signed up for were for the sole purpose of promoting the page ...the page that never existed????????? I have filed a claim through Paypal...Also, noticed that they had already been posted for a renewal fee???? Thankful I noticed canceled it. If you get scammed by these people and you used paypal be sure to check for other fees they have set up to take from you!!!

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  • Aj
      4th of Sep, 2012

    I am no fan of and yes, after 72 days and 52 service tickets later we still have issues. My 1st attempt at site building brought me to many limitations was informed of all the upgrades I would need to pay for and quickly trashed the idea of using their Weebly tools. Spent a few days worrying I had just been taken without being able to find a solution BUT found and its software and plugins to be a terrific way to go around's sketchy claims. This took me about 2 months (because I had a lofty startup deadline) of reading and seeking answers on forums and tutorials and 100s of google searches.

    As the build progressed, so did the service tickets. Downed servers, email server redirects without notification, bandwidth limitations on a website addition that simply contained a rotating picture module. AND OF COURSE THE GRAND DADDY OF ALL LIES. An staff member told me flat out, I was not allowed to have more than 10 people viewing my site at the same time, if I wanted more I would need to upgrade to a dedicated server. NOTE**** In order to move from 1 web host to another, you must wait at least 60 days. I approached the 58th day of service and a tech support "accidentaly" took my mentioning a refund for a portion of my service for a request to cancel and deleted my website, thus prompting them to reinstate the account and start the 60 day process all over again. My compensation was an upgrqade to premium tech support which does me nothing as we are now in the SEO and promoational part of the web startup.

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