What you have furnished is a complete lie. My server is not "" our server is ipage please stop this week after week of insanity from your service team and fix the problem

I have attached a photo of the page that ipage directs me to when I am logged onto the ipage website. I put the following in another email to ipage the page that ipage sends me to:
Nothing that you have stated has cured any of the problems. When I launch onto ipage, and then select server control center and the page opens, then I select launch cpanel and the page that continuously keeps coming up is the one I have attached to this email

Please find the problem and correct it.

Health & longevity to you and yours,

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The email from ipage support that is totally false is the following:

On thu, 5/31/18, ipage wrote:

Subject: information is required regarding your recent contact to ipage
To: [protected], [protected]
Date: thursday, may 31, 2018, 1:10 pm


Unfortunately, this is not something we can simply fix for you here. When accessing links using ip addresses and https, it will always throw security warnings. The link from the control panel through launch cpanel, loads up the link below:

Since this is routing through https and an ip address, the security certificate on the server is not considered trusted. This will happen because either the certificate has a self signed certificate, and thus not trusted. Alternatively, the certificate may be valid, but certificate authorities do not sign certificates for ip addresses, so the address would mismatch. We can get you a link that will access cpanel without warnings using the server hostname. Cpanel provides free certificates, but in order to do that, the server hostname would need to route to the server ip here.

Your current server hostname appears to be server. but it's not set to route to the server here. Further, this is using third party dns records, so we are not able to add this for you. Please create the following dns record through your current provider, which appears to be ""

Server. 3600
In a

After this is added, we can re-push a new certificate and the link below will work without warnings. This link will not work right now at all, since it doesn't route to the server ip, and after the dns updates it will still display warnings until we get the certificate signed.

Let us know when the dns records have been added and we'll review to see if we can get the certificate pushed

Blake w.
Vps/dedicated administrator


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    Please don't delete this complaint, I could not locate my last one posted here, I am taking a screen shot of this page and also copping all my wording.

Jun 03, 2018

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