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My son spent his hard earned money to buy and iphone from this piece of trash person and the phone has not arrived. The vendor does not reply to emails. There is a paypal case pending but my guess is that the guy/woman is a fraud. My son should have bought on ebay where at least he would have had some insurance coverage. My son's life savings $425, is now gone to some jerk in India. (well, I can't be sure of where he is...) I have told my son to check seller's ratings more carefully, to not pay cash because there is also some coverage with using a credit card (not that my son has a credit card of course). This is truly sad and disappointing and buyer beware. Ioffer does not offer any assurance of anything. If anything changes, I will certainly update this.


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  6th of Nov, 2008
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Yes you're right ioffer can be @^@%@ and im also a seller from ioffer. There is alot of scam and fraud on the site. DO NOT buy anything from internationally, and only offer Western Union as payment method. There is noway you can get your money back once payment was sent by either western union or money order. Anything that offer at a cheap price are usually a scam. But for most legit sellers, Ioffer is alot cheaper for us to post and sell our products. Myself was scammed on ebay a few years ago and lost more than 55 dollars. But a few months ago, i have report for a refund from Paypal on another purchase and i actually got my money back. So its all depends on the sellers, just make sure to check their feedbacks and they are locate in the U.s, that way you can personally track them down. I hope your son gets his money back!
  23rd of Mar, 2009
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I am sure not INDIA but China.
I got scammed for iphone too, and I am Indian living in US.
  30th of Mar, 2009
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I was sent a dirty bowl i have MANY investigations going, i have NEVER had a problem on ebay, I bought a cellphone on ioffer and got that dirty bowl, the transaction i.d where my money went is available BUT I can't get it reversed and i DID use pp. IOFFER IS A SCAM...legit sellers should'nt mind paying a lil extra to give their customers peice of mind, I promise you your money is gone, IF you spent it on ioffer.
  3rd of Jul, 2009
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i tried to buy a macbook for 450.99 from seller leeleeleech_990 and what the ### did i receve?
I RECEVED A USED CONDOM!!! IT HAS ORGANISMS IN IT TOO!!! I used the shipping adress and whent to this ### ### pusssy uglies peepee suckkin house and found his car i put all four tires on flat and bashed the windows in. scrapped it shot it kicked it spit on it and put that NASTY ### ### on on the hood of his brokwn ### and left the ### out. (this was at midnight)
FUK ioffer.
  10th of Oct, 2009
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I was also a victim to the same fraud. This time it looks like the UK scammers are there.
After I got scameed I did a deep investigation and my results are:
MOST of the iPhone Dealers with Paypal or without are scammers, at least those who ask about $300. Normal price is around $700 for an iPhone 3GS 32GB.
This is why just buy at ebay. You may notice that some has huge amount (strange) and some has just one but it is Black or White...).


The iOffer.com helpdesk is probably just a one man band (Andy) and works very slow. I have reported some scammers and informed about the way they work but they are still there.
They change names and eventually they ask you to pay Western Untion and negotiate through e0mails, outside the site.
Since all issues were informed to iOffer.com I think they becoem responsible at a certain point.

Hope no one will but there any thing any more.

Nir Aviry
  7th of Feb, 2010
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you cant even sell on i offer theirs too many errors .i hope you're son gets his money back. its idiots like that harm good sellers business. These idiots from india and other places tend to be scammers and then they try to cover themselves or others on the net try to act out as if that part of the world is meant to be all kosher and safe. Dont believe anyone on the net nowdays or even if someone offered an iphone for $100. just go out and buy it its less hassle sometimes
  12th of May, 2010
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I ordered some soap tapes from a lady on ioffer.com back in March 5, 2010 and have not
gotton them yet. It has been three months. It is a scam website and people should stay far
away from this website has possible. $56.00 I paid. It is a horrible website. Paying for iphones is taking a big chance. I have been over in Indiana and those people are crazy.
Very poor and looking to just get your money.
  11th of Jan, 2011
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People always gonna get rip off on ioffer.com. To sell on ioffer is so easy unlike and others that required seller to verified stuff, that's why is soo many scammers there..Ioffer door is wide open for any scammers as you long you have an email account.
  9th of Mar, 2011
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i know what all of you mean i just bought a ring off this person called nazaretjewelry and havent even herd back from them in almost two weeks i sent a money order witch was the dumbest thing ever but the thing was i lost that same ring awhile ago when my wife bought for me at a pawn store and when my wife found the same ring on ioffer we were so excited but then we got screwed it seems like thanks guys im glad i found this now we know never to purchase anything ever again form these [censor]ing people it was only $29.98 thank god

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