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I am a trustworthy person and I decided to trade 3 hollister shirts for one Juicy Couture outfit. After we...

scam and cheating

Ioffer is crap!!! I ordered a purse and 2 wallets and the tracking number she keeps giving me doesn't tell me...

rip off artists

I recently made four purchases on ioffer. The only seller who was honest and actually sent the merchandise I...

non delivery of goods promised

Sept 25th I purchased a wii from <ryhhhuu88> for $250.00 including shipping. on oct 1 I p. u. my supposed wii, what I got was a cheap pair of sunglasses, I β€” e β€” mailed the seller that same morning 3 days later no response from any body. i'm going to the bank to dispute the charges. word to the now wiser stay away from this place so that's my story

  • Lu
    Lucytabares Mar 07, 2014

    I ordered a handbag a while ago for $41 and I tried contacting the seller but never answered me, it's been over 2 months and nothing has happened. So they stole my money, this is a fraudulent website.

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unauthorized billing

iOffer is a joke they will not protect you and your money they know that most sellers are dishonest and do nothing about it. Save your money china doesn't need it. Even when you complain and ask for help they tell you to talk with the seller to resolve matter, if you could have resolved the matter with seller you would not have contacted ioffer. These people will take your money and run with it and close their store then open another under a different name, well i hope the [protected]@#@#@ who got my 450.00 gets hit by a mac truck...

  • To
    tomcruze17 Dec 01, 2009

    i agree with you 100% i was suppose to get a macbook pro unibody from them and i gave them $420 and i never got tracking number and it tolk me almost 2days to get it and when i checked they gave me wrong number for the guy that tryed to take my money i hope you get your fake mac unibody 15inch shock you when trying to put the fake s... in the box lol lol lol lol lol

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My son spent his hard earned money to buy and iphone from this piece of trash person and the phone has not arrived. The vendor does not reply to emails. There is a paypal case pending but my guess is that the guy/woman is a fraud. My son should have bought on ebay where at least he would have had some insurance coverage. My son's life savings $425, is now gone to some jerk in India. (well, I can't be sure of where he is...) I have told my son to check seller's ratings more carefully, to not pay cash because there is also some coverage with using a credit card (not that my son has a credit card of course). This is truly sad and disappointing and buyer beware. Ioffer does not offer any assurance of anything. If anything changes, I will certainly update this.

  • Fc
    fckZynga Nov 06, 2008

    Yes you're right ioffer can be @^@%@ and im also a seller from ioffer. There is alot of scam and fraud on the site. DO NOT buy anything from internationally, and only offer Western Union as payment method. There is noway you can get your money back once payment was sent by either western union or money order. Anything that offer at a cheap price are usually a scam. But for most legit sellers, Ioffer is alot cheaper for us to post and sell our products. Myself was scammed on ebay a few years ago and lost more than 55 dollars. But a few months ago, i have report for a refund from Paypal on another purchase and i actually got my money back. So its all depends on the sellers, just make sure to check their feedbacks and they are locate in the U.s, that way you can personally track them down. I hope your son gets his money back!

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  • Cu
    CupertinoKid Mar 23, 2009

    I am sure not INDIA but China.
    I got scammed for iphone too, and I am Indian living in US.

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  • Tr
    Triplemock Mar 30, 2009

    I was sent a dirty bowl i have MANY investigations going, i have NEVER had a problem on ebay, I bought a cellphone on ioffer and got that dirty bowl, the transaction i.d where my money went is available BUT I can't get it reversed and i DID use pp. IOFFER IS A SCAM...legit sellers should'nt mind paying a lil extra to give their customers peice of mind, I promise you your money is gone, IF you spent it on ioffer.

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  • Ki
    kikkah.likka Jul 03, 2009

    i tried to buy a macbook for 450.99 from seller leeleeleech_990 and what the ### did i receve?
    I RECEVED A USED CONDOM!!! IT HAS ORGANISMS IN IT TOO!!! I used the shipping adress and whent to this ### ### pusssy uglies peepee suckkin house and found his car i put all four tires on flat and bashed the windows in. scrapped it shot it kicked it spit on it and put that NASTY ### ### on on the hood of his brokwn ### and left the ### out. (this was at midnight)
    FUK ioffer.

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  • Ni
    Nir A Oct 10, 2009


    I was also a victim to the same fraud. This time it looks like the UK scammers are there.
    After I got scameed I did a deep investigation and my results are:
    MOST of the iPhone Dealers with Paypal or without are scammers, at least those who ask about $300. Normal price is around $700 for an iPhone 3GS 32GB.
    This is why just buy at ebay. You may notice that some has huge amount (strange) and some has just one but it is Black or White...).


    The helpdesk is probably just a one man band (Andy) and works very slow. I have reported some scammers and informed about the way they work but they are still there.
    They change names and eventually they ask you to pay Western Untion and negotiate through e0mails, outside the site.
    Since all issues were informed to I think they becoem responsible at a certain point.

    Hope no one will but there any thing any more.

    Nir Aviry

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  • An
    analyst2004 Feb 07, 2010

    you cant even sell on i offer theirs too many errors .i hope you're son gets his money back. its idiots like that harm good sellers business. These idiots from india and other places tend to be scammers and then they try to cover themselves or others on the net try to act out as if that part of the world is meant to be all kosher and safe. Dont believe anyone on the net nowdays or even if someone offered an iphone for $100. just go out and buy it its less hassle sometimes

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  • M1
    m1y2r3 May 12, 2010

    I ordered some soap tapes from a lady on back in March 5, 2010 and have not
    gotton them yet. It has been three months. It is a scam website and people should stay far
    away from this website has possible. $56.00 I paid. It is a horrible website. Paying for iphones is taking a big chance. I have been over in Indiana and those people are crazy.
    Very poor and looking to just get your money.

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  • Pl
    playerfa18 Jan 11, 2011

    People always gonna get rip off on To sell on ioffer is so easy unlike and others that required seller to verified stuff, that's why is soo many scammers there..Ioffer door is wide open for any scammers as you long you have an email account.

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  • Us
    usafairman09 Mar 09, 2011

    i know what all of you mean i just bought a ring off this person called nazaretjewelry and havent even herd back from them in almost two weeks i sent a money order witch was the dumbest thing ever but the thing was i lost that same ring awhile ago when my wife bought for me at a pawn store and when my wife found the same ring on ioffer we were so excited but then we got screwed it seems like thanks guys im glad i found this now we know never to purchase anything ever again form these [censor]ing people it was only $29.98 thank god

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ioffer scams

I purchased a white linen versace shirt on ioffer. It was in the amount 57.00. I was told that the item would ship out and it would take approximately 15 days to recieve the purchase. the company is supposed to be located in Thailand, and has 169 sells, and a 100% feedback. the name of this company is 9easybuy9, and they are targeting new customers, so please beware. I never recieve a email from this company.

  • An
    ANNA LEONARD Nov 20, 2008

    I purchased from a seller going by the name DUROMEGA they told me their items were 100% original I paid them and recieved them to find the items were nothing but 100% fakes...I contacted them and stated this they in return told me to ship them back and they will refund me my money I sent them back and they receieved them on the 14th November 2008 and I know they receieveed them as I paid extra for confirmation that they have receieved they have the goods and also the money and will not respond or refund me my money...Ioffer is also useless as they state try to work it out with the can you when they will not all of you out there beware of the seller...DUROMEGA...THEY ARE RIP OFFS TRYING TO MAKE AN EASY BUCK FROM US INNOCENT PEOPLE

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tiffany'z, ioffer seller

This seller is very rude and has very poor customer service skills. It took her a month to finally tell me what happened to my order. She totally ignored me after numerous emails and finally respond after I filed a dispute. I rated my experience with her, btw her name is jasmyn, a negative and she had the nerve to rate me the same and commented that I was making a $3.00 purchase a big deal. I message her back and said that was not the problem. It was her poor customer service skills that pissed me off. Then she messages me back telling me to buy some xanax with the $3.00 refund from her. I told that she was messing with the wrong person and that I will tell everyone what kind of business she's running.

  • Xx
    xx GOOD PERSON Aug 17, 2008


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  • Ma
    maddie Feb 25, 2009

    I know what you mean. I am dealing with a seller from and his name is Sheng Haiyong. I purched uggs and received them but they didnt fit. So we paid to have them shipped back and he was suppoised to sent some in a different size. Havent seen the uggs, the man wont answer ANY EMAILS, and the company will not return my call. This may end in a law suit. NEVER SHOP AT IOFFER.COM!!!

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  • Da
    danny Jun 14, 2009

    I am sorry to hear that you have a bad expenerience. so many sellers from China. so it is very important to find a honest seller. you can check this site. I have friends said bought from them is very good quality and good price also.

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  • Sa
    Sandysayuki Nov 21, 2012

    Pls tell me how to contact their company I purchase two item until now still haven receive yet already one n the half month actually almost 2 months soon they ignored me when I send the email them

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rip off!

Never visit or buy anything on! The web site is nothing but a collection of scam artist and does nothing to help those ripped off.

  • Br
    Bruce Jenkins May 11, 2008

    I've had great deals for years on ioffer but lately, I can't get this hua liu in Hong Kong (who has a goodOkia (13) seller name at [email protected] to respond once he got the $820 USD from PayPal.

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  • Da
    Dani Oct 11, 2008

    Ioffer is terrible. I was had. I ordered a pair of designer boots advertised as authentic, I got knock-off pumps instead, the seller refused to cure, Paypal wouldn't help, and to add insult to injury, because this was my first time on a site like this, she persuaded me to give a positive rating before she sent me the item, claiming that she needed a rating to bid on other items.

    So shame on me for being such a patsy, but I hope this will help others to avoid both Ioffer and a seller there called "woshing." Also, all their stuff, as I now realize is counterfeit crap.

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  • He
    heart1 Oct 19, 2008

    I purchased a handbag from babeisland and never recieved my item either. I tried and tried to contact the seller and they he/she/it never responded. I filed a complaint with ioffer and they ofcourse did nothing. I ordered and paid for my purchase on 9/3/2008 and her it is 10/19/2008 I still have no handbag. I will never deal with ioffer again. Damn scam artists.

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  • Jo
    John Nov 06, 2008

    I feel that all online marketplaces are going to have good and bad sellers, hence good and bad experiences. The only thing we can do is to shop and sell smart to protect ourselves. Take all the measurements we need to our advantage. With the internet today, everything can be a scam, you never know.

    I recently joined iOffer and it's been a refreshing alternative to me so far. There are a lot of nice and helpful members in the community, and they offer many FREE tools and features. That's why I just started a blog to try and highlight some of their things for everyone. Hope this comment helps people consider trying it for themselves before settling on anything.

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  • Ri
    rifqaruqayyah Jan 05, 2009

    i recently purchased a cellphone from seller frgtsdewed on . the seller was very hesitant about sending me any information regarding my purchase . then once i recieved the package, instead of the blackberry storm that i had paid for the seller sent me a pair of old broken sunglasses. i too filed a complaint with ioffer and they have yet to do anything. nor has paypal. im am super furious but i know GOD will handle those thieves who stole our money. so i was thinking that since so many of us have been ripped off from sellers on maybe we can file a class action lawsuit against . i mean this just isnt fair . we might be able to get the money we lost plus extra and worst case scenario if we dont get our money back maybe we can at least close the site down so this doesnt happen to anyone else. if your interested let me know what you think . [email protected]

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  • Is
    Israel Campbell Feb 03, 2009

    I recently purchase a pair of sunglasses from and never received them they told me to stop reporting my complaint to them i never been so humiliated in my life . During the time of purchase they said they hadthe items but once i purchased it they no longer had the items available. I was fortunate enough to have only invest $28.00 it could have been far more money. I t makes me upset that people can get away with commiting a crime!!!

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  • Or
    Oriental Express Feb 06, 2009

    i have been ordering from ioffer for a while now, and somehow this time, besides recieving my package so late, it also has an added " custom fee " to it, has anyone been charge a custom fee? If they are saying that they are taxing me for copy write, why would the US government allow these website to go on. They already charge us soo much for shipping and handling and now this. I dont understand why they specialized in wholesale if they are not allowing this bags to be sold here in US. To make the story short, i paid 630.00 for 21 bags and 500.00 for custom fee which totals to 1, 130.00 for just 21 bags. I could have gone to the country myself and purchase the bags specially i know that bags over there only cost $1.00, and yes i am serious.

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  • Ch
    charki Feb 26, 2009

    I was scammed by "madsmoo" back in November 08. Paid $3500 canadian thru PayPal for a Microdermabrasion machine. Nver got the machine. Before the purchase Pay pal assured me I was dealing with legit seller and told me I was safe to go ahead. Now they apolagize and say that thre is never any guarentee. Contacted ioffer, they did nothing. There are currently two people that are in negotiations to buy the same machine. I have been trying to warn them but, when I hit the button to leave them a message, it gives me a message that the guestbook is currently being updated. I am sooo frustrated because I can't even contact these people to warn them to stop their payments immediatley.
    Ioffer is a cheesy little scamzone, but PayPal???!!! I am really dissapointed in them. Public opinion is that it is a safe way to do online purchasing, but clearly the public has been ill advised.
    Please reply if you can help.

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  • Ki
    kikkah.likka Jul 03, 2009


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  • Ri
    RippedOffOniOffer Feb 04, 2010

    I contacted PayPal and all they did was delay my getting my money back then canceled my claim. What a bunch of A__ H____. Guess they want another class action suit. Ill be the first in line to get money back. I was continually lied to by PayPal customer service when I called them on the phone. Worthless. I contacted my bank and they are going to deal with PayPal and the b____ch that stole my money on iOffer. PAYPAL SUCKS AND SO DOES IOFFER. NEVER AGAIN

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  • Ri
    RippedOffOniOffer Feb 04, 2010

    Great! You are correct.

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  • Ri
    RippedOffOniOffer Feb 04, 2010

    The iOffer sunglasses are cheap knockoffs and break quickly.

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  • Ri
    RippedOffOniOffer Feb 04, 2010

    PayPal took the money out of your bank account or credit card. Go file the theft forms either bank or credit card will ask you to fill out and you will get your money back. PayPal sucks. If enough banks do this to PayPal maybe something will be done.

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  • Ri
    RippedOffOniOffer Feb 04, 2010

    Scammers will be prosecuted. I know one that is already in jail so all are not so smart.

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  • Ko
    kolinos4 Mar 27, 2010

    If something seems to good to be true, then it probably IS.

    I just saw that DIOR leather jacket for 38 Dollars :) Hilarious, I thought to myself: where they are located?

    Of course, China. No wonder, they can afford making replicas, but they can work in 3 shifts also (means, say, Nike factory officially works two shifts, but the machienery is never stopped, the unofficial production goes on - same product, but illegal). But think of the quality of replicas... UV in sunglasses? U will be happy if you don't get blind.

    What dying colour they use for the leather jackets? Can be poisonous industrial dye... Not talking about typical scam with payments.
    So we are not humans for them, they don't care. For them humans is their family who they have to give food for...

    So for me it all was obvious, even before reading the opinions...

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  • Hc
    hcaines Apr 27, 2010

    Every time I saw an ad that seem too true to believe and added to the cart. Then all it said was Money Order. No other options. that is when I know something was up.
    Don't waste your time here.

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  • Tr
    trainer100 May 20, 2010

    They are all scammers. Ordered one another and then refuded to take it back... Karma is hell!!!

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  • Ya
    yarbrough10 Aug 27, 2010

    ioffer has been good to me. I look at other buyers feedback and buy from people who have 100% positive feedback. I am also a seller on ioffer and some of us pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. There are some bad seeds but some of us make an honest living on such sites. And remember never send money overseas! Just my practice, and any large purchases can be claimed as fraud at your bank. Make some calls, Get the word out on here about every scammer! Lets fight back! I wish you all luck. ioffer member yarbrough10

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  • Su
    superwomen2010 Aug 30, 2010

    All of you who are complaining it is a scam website set up by fraudsters i went to the police months ago they are still investigating and the police even think paypal is getting a cut of the profits too. It will be shown in the uk as detectives go undercover and buy good from ioffer, tradetang and some other sites and they will be shut down very soon.

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  • Ju
    Jules_sls Oct 03, 2010

    iOffer is a scam run by street gangs delinquents that take no responsibility for the quality or honesty of their sellers. I purchase a pair of boots from their site at the cost of $218. after a few days of not getting any information from the seller i contacted Pay pay for a refund. I was told that as long as i have a tracking number they wouldn't give a refund. After 3 weeks I receive a box with a pair of USED old boots "not before I have to sign for the delivery" I contacted iOffer but they never had giving me an answer as to why they let this delinquents post on their site!. iOffer is as guilty as the delinquent thatt run freely under their control on their site, posting as legitimate business when in fact are a bunch of the thief protected by iOffer. In retaliation of my complains iOffer had deleted all my notes/complains from their site, and had put my account under review because of the complain. On the last note from iOffer they informed me the the seller has been suspended from iOffer for "violating iOffer's policies" but that I should contact the seller for a refund (pathetic) !!! I wouldn't recommend this site anybody, you are much better protected at E-bay. There If you purchase an item and you pay with Pay pal they an the item is not as describe Pay pal will refund your money, but they do not cover you if you purchase an item in any other site. My recommendation is never to use iOffer.. they are a bunch delinquents that protect other delinquents. See below iOffer response to my complain Your request (#89032) has been updated. To review or comment on the request, follow the link below: Andy iOffer, Sep 30 00:15 (PDT): Unfortunately, the seller of your purchase has been suspended for violating iOffer's policies. Please contact the seller by email to request a tracking number or a refund. Sellers are responsible for sending items. iOffer provides sellers stores, we do not handle sales of items, receive payments or ship items. The seller's registered email address is: [email protected] You may have recourse if you paid by credit card via PayPal, Mpayy, Amazon Payments, or Google Checkout. To file a dispute using these services, please visit the site where you originally made your payment. For credit card purchases, call your bank or card company to request a charge back. For other services, please contact their customer service for assistance. Please review our Buyer Safety Guide for online fraud resources:

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  • Ic
    icyndicey Dec 07, 2010

    I DESPISE THAT WEBSITE! I will NEVER, EVER use that garbage site EVER again. Evey single person on that site...and they're pretty much all from China, so you do the math, offers things they don't even have for sale. Once you buy it then they tell you...Oh I don't have that, but here is a link to something similar. More expensive of course. It was a nightmare dealing with this website! I searched for this particular jacket FOR THREE WEEKS and finally found it listed on this site FROM 5 SELLERS. Can you imagine? Not one of them had it! Did do anything to make them remove the fraudulent listings, which wasted my time, and my patience? HELL NO! I never received not one response from AT ALL! And the jacket is still being listed as for sale on the site. Oh My God! DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT EVER use THEY SUCK! And stay FAR, FAR away from this seller (jiqimaohao)

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  • Ca
    Candie10 Dec 17, 2010

    A chick I worked with kept coming in with all these expensive branded clothes and accessories. I knew there was no way she could afford a $3000 Gucci bag once a month and her story was "Oh, I have a friend in Europe that works in an outlet mall and all the stuff they have there is whats new in the stores here because North America is always a season or 2 behind." then offers to share these "incredible deals" with us... Bags were 3 and $400, belts 1-200, boots/shoes 2-400 etc. I never succumbed to these "great deals" but other co-workers did. A colleague of mine discovered ioffer and also discovered ALL of the items she had purchased from our so-called "friend" at a fraction of the cost she was charging us!! The Prada fairy bag was $60 buck on ioffer and she paid her $300! We wondered why the strap on her gucci bag broke the first day she used it. I must say, this chick had us taken, all of the items were very good replicas. All were real leather, came in boxes and so on. I have ordered a small item (a scarf) to test the site out for myself. I have read a lot of back and fourth and do believe that there are legit people there. They seem very concerned about good ratings, I would assume its because they need to overcompensate for the scammers that are there. Any one who thinks they are getting an original, well you are just really dumb. So very very dumb. Gucci doesnt need Zhang from china to sell their bags for them. They have hundreds of thousands of millionaires that purchase their items legit from their stores or directly from their website. Again, your very dumb! And if, by chance, it is an original, well, its stolen! But I do believe they have great replicas, mostly because these high end brands have portions of their accessories made over seas... like buckles, fabrics etc. Therefore, these people get some items that are technically genuine, but only bits and pieces. Its like a cheap juice, only a small % is real juice, but it tastes just like freshly squeezed!

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  • El
    elleeeee Dec 22, 2010

    these comments really helped me a lot.
    i was planning to buy a 105$ dress, and they charge me 35$ for shipping and handling.
    35$????? are they accrros the world, that there really gunna charge me 35$ an if they do they better ship me my [censor] the next muthuh[censor]en day.
    but anywayss, good thing i read about this. and im sorry for everyone that had gotten scammed by this website and god for those who are doing something about it.
    maybe try craigslist????? lol

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  • Mi
    michaelht Feb 09, 2011

    I purchased the Rosetta Stone 1-3 and of course it sounded too good to be true, and as it turned out was! this site is a internet fraud, you cannot contact the seller who is insulated by ioffer, you can't dispute claims and as soon as you list a negative rating the seller changes names and goes by another id, I would highly recommend staying away from this site altogether, you might as well just burn your money as you will never see it or the product you thought you purchased.

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  • Jo
    jordee23 Mar 28, 2011

    ive been using ioffer for 2 years i only pay with paypal for the security if i dont recieve something or it is damaged i file a dispute with paypal and get a refund its happened to me a couple of times but if you paypal your pretty safe and also everything from china or south east asia that is designer label is fake if you have ever holidayed their you will find out why if sounds or looks to good to be true it probably is

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  • Cv
    cviau Apr 06, 2011

    I also purchased 2 "authentic coach" bags from ioffer. Instead I recieved 2 packages from the same shipper but different user names on ioffer. Inside the packages where cheap fake gold necklaces that looked like they came out of a quarter machine. I filed a complaint with ioffer they did nothing. I then went to paypal and they did nothing also. They said I was sent 2 packages but then when I explained it was not what I ordered they informed me that they do not protect buyers from any other site besides ebay. What a crock! I'm a single mother with 3 children and this happened right before christmas.

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  • Do
    dobba Dec 07, 2012

    bad website, do not use, will not refund orders returned

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  • Cr
    creamie39 Aug 29, 2016

    Thanks so much I will not be ordering from this site ever!!! and to think I was getting ready to order a pair of pink and white retro Jordan's!!

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  • Lo
    Lori31268 Nov 14, 2016

    PayPal is a scam as well!!! They feed you bs about buyer protection. Then protect the seller that ripped you off. They promise your $ offer u a tiny fraction of what you paid. And when you decline that offer bcuz you deserve ALL of your $$$ returned. You then get a reply stating you get NOTHING! And if you do want to hope for a refund that instead of the con paying shipping. You gave to! Which cost's more than the item purchased to begin with! PayPal is also a SCAM!!!

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never recieved item but they kept the money

well, I've been wanting to buy my 10 year old daughter a wii for christmas ever since they came out and ### you over bay didn't have any at a reasonable price and I just didn't have $250 at the time to get one at my local wal-mart, I was trying to buy her other christmas presents that she wanted early so that I could hide them at a friends house until 3 days before christmas eve, anyway, so I looked all over the internet and found nothing menetioning a cheaply priced wii, everybody on craigslist was trying to get more money out of their used wiis than what they are worth so I said screw them and finally found a link to ioffer on yahoo answers, so I looked after a month or two to see if they were legit and I had bought and recieved one item successfully and I figured they would be ok, I bought a wii for $200 plus $15 shipping from some dick in China, screw them, I was asking him a few questions about it, I asked him was the wii the american version before I paid for it, he didn't say anything, I figured he didn't read my message yet so I asked him again and he finally said in a stupid idiotic way "yes, it american" and heres when the big ### YOU comes along, I believed him and paid for it, a day later he said "it chinese not american" so I tolded him continuously that I wanted a refund, no answer, I pmed him and left him profile comments on ioffer, I even got ahold of his hotmail email address thanks to paypal and email him there, again, no response, on my dumb part I marked off the part on paypal that you need to keep up that shows where you've sent a payment to someone if you've been scammed, so paypal ###ed me and ripped me 2 new ###s while they were at it because after 30 days of wondering if I would ever live to see my money again they emailed me and told me no in a smart-### way, I was always told that paypal was on the buyers side and the sellers, that sick ### in china? he deleted his hotmail, paypal and ioffer accounts, son of a ###, if you're reading this I hope you and your family dies, you know who you are, thanks to you I may not be able to get my daughter a wii she cried about not getting on her birthday this year, you ugly ### head, I sold 2 tickets to a expensive event on ebay to get that money, karma always comes back around dick, I'm going to see what I can do to file charges and have him arrested in china

  • Ch
    Christy Nov 17, 2007

    Everyone please excuse me for my rude language in this complaint, this just upsets me too much whenever I think about because my daughter still has her heart set on this, and I didn't mean it when I said his family deserves to be dead but whoever took my money like that and totally ignores me does deserve to pass, that was unfair and uncalled for, if I can get their real name I will be filing charges and fight him to the fullest extent of the law, wish me luck everyone, I will take this to their court in china if I have to just for the sake of justice!

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  • Fc
    fckZynga Nov 06, 2008

    yea i would've too. ioffer got too many scammers.But as a seller on ioffer, it's cheaper for me to sell my stuff on there, ebay is big rip off for the seller. sorry for your lost.

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  • Ww Nov 06, 2008

    In china, this website are very famous, is there have some problems for you order.

    Hope everything is ok, friend.

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  • Ra
    raisa Feb 08, 2009

    i sooo agree with u and sorry for what those losers did to u

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  • Sc
    scammer.loving.ioffer Jul 03, 2009

    i love scamming. i do it on ioffer. i cant on ebay THERE SECERITY IS TOO TIGHT!

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  • Ju
    julez_1981 Aug 31, 2009

    How you do it?

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  • Hu
    hudson2010 Nov 06, 2009

    i have been scam by ioffer serveal times. so i now turn to ioffermore for online shopping

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scammed by seller!

I purchased a handbag on the ioffer site from a seller called Lukii 10 on November 2nd 06. I never received...

never received items I puchased!

I never received items I puchased and seller closed account. I contact ioffer they did nothing to help me. I...

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