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fake makeup goods

this website is full of scammers. i ordered MAC lip gloss to sell on ebay, didnt know any better. i recieved the items it all looked good and i started o sell. then i get an email from one of my buyers saying that my gloss is fake..this is after i spent 90 bucks of my money on ioffer to get the gloss...and dont just look at the feedback percentages..look at ALL. everything thats negative is not listed as far as why the person left negative. they just show all the positive feedback. i do not recommend ANYONE buy from this site at all

  • Na
    Nazrin May 28, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought dress from alegendseller from ioffer, he sent me totally different dress and got 300 USD for it, he is lyer. do not buy anthing from alegenseller from ioffer. his email [email protected]

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no merchandise

I made a purchase on Ioffer on 1/9/10 with the seller, Fiercelace for $245.00 for merchandise and received nothing in return. I paid through Paypal thinking that this was the safest method of purchase. The seller would not respond back to my inquires.

Fiercelace responded to each question that I asked prior to getting payment. After payment, Fiercelace told me that they had to check to see if the merchandise was sent. No one from Fiercelace or Ioffer has contacted me. Fiercelace told me that it takes 5-7 days to ship and I still do not have the merchandise.

  • Ya
    yasemin09 Aug 30, 2010

    i just bought some ugg boots for my baby yesterday paid by pay pal now the seller has no items listed i know i aint gonna get my order i could cry cant afford to loose money like that

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fraud.. paypal don't refund

I have a problem with ioffer.I payed a fraud for a phone.I understood that he is fraud and the same day opened a claim for the payment in paypal.Paypal after hundreds of mail closed the claim and told me that they can't refund me because I received something from the seller.So, what do I have to do in order to be refunded?Please help me.

  • Rb
    rb_taniya_ahmed Jul 06, 2010
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    Verified customer

    hi there, did paypal get back to you?
    i'm thinking about buying a laptop from ioffer (paying via my paypal account) - now i'm not so sure

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  • Um
    umeweall Jun 03, 2016

    BUYERS TAKE NOTICE: I received a watch from this seller which does not keep time. It runs EXTREMELY fast, advancing an hour plus past the normal time. I filed a claim with PayPal. The seller replied on the 11th day, after the claim was filed, stating that I could send the watch back to him for exchange/refund. For those of you using PayPal, counting on them to help you, forget that. PayPal stated the same thing, to ship the watch back to the seller and they would issue a refund of the full amount. The main problem with both of these two 'offers' is the shipping cost back to China. From my point in the U.S., the initial cost is $39. PayPal states to send them a tracking number. Adding tracking to the package up the cost. Likewise, adding insurance ups the shipping cost also. By the time you add tracking and insurance to the package, you are pretty much at my initial purchase price of $50. If you pay this to send it back, you are then out $100 (original cost, plus the return shipping cost). If you just HAVE to have this watch, that may be acceptable to you, but you should be aware of this shipping cost problem. If you have to return the watch, YOU will pay the shipping, which adds to the total cost of the watch. BTW, don't think that you can just run down to your local watch shop and get it repaired. I called the local watch shop, which in the past has fixed anything and everything for me. On this watch, being what it is, they flat out stated that they could not get the parts, and they would not touch it.

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rip-off fraud

I was totally ripped off by this seller on and now ioffer banned me for reporting the fraud and warning other users on some of his other items for sale. What we need is for anyone scammed by this seller to contact Paypal in the next 3 months and file a claim against them under the (resolution center). 1 person complaining to Paypal will be meaningless. Paypal helps these criminals perpetuate fraud against the honest account holders there and this is heinous. These criminals can send us anything they want and as long as we get the package no matter what is in it we are scr*wed. I was sent a bait and switch item which was an worthless imitation of the real picture on the seller's ioffer site. What I received isn't worth $1 and I lost $50 for 2 of them. I added the website url of the con artist and if you look at the conversation you will see what occurred. I'm( snagglepus ) there. Yes I'm the fool, but don't let yourself be another one. Here is the pertinent info of my rip-off. If you have also been scammed by this person please contact Paypal ASAP. If more than 1 person complains maybe we can at least get his acct cancelled. Our money is gone, gone, gone!

Louis Vuitton Cerises Key and Change Holder
item #[protected]

PS: I didn't use my real email here for I don't want more spam than I already get. This is a true story above

  • Po
    poppy12 Jan 03, 2010

    here is the website

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  • Ja
    jacquesmum Jan 30, 2010


    I have just discovered this "amazing" website. I know I will never see a sent from anything that I ordered. I'm down about $300au in 2 days. Yep I am an idiot. One seller is directly ripping their "mechandise" photos off of the genuine sellers on ebay, they don't even bother to try to hide the real sellers details.
    I contacted two of the ebay sellers today and they said that this seller bapwma has been doing this since they started up and neither Ioffer or Ebay cares. They are both now looking into legal action.
    PayPal has a lot to answer for, because as long as the parcel arrives they say they are in the clear regardless of what is in the parcel. I believe that they are actually complicite in what is going on. They have had thousands of complaints about this website and do nothing because Ioffer is in direct competition to its precious Ebay. If they refused to deal with Ioffer sales would plummet because we are not going to deal with western union.

    There must be a way to stop this. I told a seller today when I found out that they are advertising straight from EBay that I want my money back and that they are lying theiving cheats and if I don't get my money back every time someone asks a question or makes an offer on their site I will send them directly to the real thing on Ebay. I don't care if like them I have to change my user name every day my intention is to bring them down.

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  • Im
    Im2FedUP Nov 27, 2010

    Thanks for this review! I almost sent a seller $100 for a pair of Ugg Fluff Momma Boots that usually run about $500 now but It just seemed too good to be true! Now I am seeing some boots by Gianmarco that run about $2K going for $135 and it seems as if they have just stolen the pics from the seller on ebay.

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  • Sh
    Shania76 Feb 06, 2011

    Ioffer is a total scam lovers' site. I was merely LOOKING at a tshirt on their site and trying to find the size.. I did click 'buy' this shirt so I could get to a page where the size options showed up, obvioulsy I needed to pick a size before buying it. But I never finalized anything or gave them purchase info since no size choice/option was available. Still, the site when ahead and said 'you just BOUGHT this shirt.' I was seriously freaked out. I emailed the seller several times and never heard a peep. They can't charge me since I never finalized it, but the site still says I bought the shirt.

    Also, the seller had terrible reviews saying buyers never received their purchases and never heard from the seller. He just took their money and did not send them the products! And within the 20 minutes or so I was looking at this, the bad reviews DISAPPEARED!! allows it's sellers to TRANSFER their bad reviews - WTF?? It's amazing that a site like this is allowed to operate.

    You also cannot close your account with You need to email them to have them delete/close your account. I have now emailed them TWICE over the course of a week and requested my account be closed. Never heard back. Pretty shady and scary this is out there.

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  • Ja
    jamesgriffin Mar 24, 2011
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    Verified customer

    My first purchase from I OFFER was an xbox 360. The next day after paying with paypal i recieved an e-mail alert from ioffer that the sellers account had been deleted for suspected fraudulent activity. My money had already gone through paypal. Was told not to go through with transaction but if i had already paid to wait till my item arrived. I recieved a tracking number of package from paypal. i followed my package china over the course of next 8 days. upon arrival i went to post office and the post man came to counter with a light weight piece of styrofoam wrapped in yellow tape. I refused the package because I knew it could not be an xbox 360 and sent it to seller. I attempted to file a dispute then with i offer but the link you click on to file a dispute was unclickable. I sent customer service a message. i also attempted to contact ioffer but all they had listed on website was a post office. i filed dispute with paypal but have to wait 30 days if they can do anything. I want to know if anyone is involved in class action lawsuit against IOFFER and possibly paypal for helping to facilitate fraud and if so can you get me information to join? my email address for contact is [email protected] thanks

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Do not purchase from I bought a pair of giuseppe zanotti boots from a seller on ioffer. The...

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2 iphones 3gs 32gb

wei wang
no.56 anlu St
Changzhi 046200, China

On I, I ordered 2 new iphones 3gs 32gb for $500, everything went smoothly great comunication until I had a question about the tracking number he or she sent me, all communication stopped from the seller and when I picked up my package instead of there being 2 iphones was im not joking sadly 1 ball point pen worth about 1$ I got completely screwed out of my money with no help from paypaland I offer has yet to contact me back about the dispute and the seller hasent signed on ioffer in about a week now

Ive done research on this person my self with no help from paypal or and aparently fake address fake phone number anyone that is willing to help please feel free to contact me

rude and harrasing seller big scammer rachel tafkate ladymax ladymax07 usa-chan

She's a seller on iOffer but NOT an honest one. Not only she sell bootlegs DVDS of Japanese shows but she is also a rude and harassing person. Nobody can trust her. Her selling strategy is: ''I make them believe that I’m a very nice and trusting person, then they will pay of my cheap Memorex burned DVD+R… errr… I mean awesome quality DVD SET of some Japanese Shows… and if they dare asks ME for a refund (or anything of the sort), I will harassed them until they become completely crazy!!!'' She has done that to an innocent buyer some month ago and that give her the very first Negative Rating of her selling career. She completely deserves it!!! So, everyone, avoid her at all cost. Nobody can treat a human being this way and get away with it!!! Her ID names on iOffer are tafkate AND ladymax. She also has a EBAY account... ''ladymax07''.

big scam

I order a purse on ioffer for $225. Paid with paypal and was told by seller that my purse will be shipped soon. After the seller recieved my money he never reply to any of my messages. I tried to email and contact seller about my tracking number and I never could get a hold of this seller at all. His account on ioffer was also canceled. Then I brouse around and saw that 2 different seller was selling the exact same purse that I just bought with the exact same description. Finally Im thinking to mysell that this is a scam. Right away I filed a dispute through ioffer and paypal. After investigating paypal had refunded me my money.Lucky me! For all people out there dont buy from this site. It's a big scam! Im just lucky to get my money back.

  • Mi
    Miss V Sep 13, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the other comment, the buyer bought from the seller not the site, I have had bad experiences on Ebay, Amazon or whatever, I don't blame the site, it's the seller whom actually selling the items, they are using the selling site, the reason I'm voicing my opinion is because ive been buying and selling online for several years on different sites and haven't had a really bad experience on either and sums it up to the variety of sellers.

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  • Ko
    konexad Jan 27, 2010

    I have a problem with ioffer.I payed a fraud for a phone.I understood that he is fraud and the same day opened a claim for the payment in paypal.Paypal after hundreds of mail closed the claim and told me that they can't refund me because I received something from the seller.So, what did you do in order to be refunded?Please help me.

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  • Pa
    paypal specialist Apr 01, 2011

    Hey Konexad, I've had the same situation, nothing received, after paying for 10 phones...Paypal sent me on my way, gave me the boot, say for me to wait a month before they would even look at the case...
    Tell them paypal made an unauthorized charge! Fraud charge to be exact, they will send you a form to sign it in your mail, and the next business day, you will have your money back! However paypal might close your account, , but its easy to open a new one!
    Hope you good luck!

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  • Ma
    Marco92 Jan 23, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes ioffer is a big scam i ordered some shirts and a pair of shoes, they never arrived!
    Only the shoes showed up after 3 months and weren't the one i ordered!

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no reply

Bought 2 computers off iOffer. someone has hacked into sellers account and tried to sell her computers for $300. iOffer advised me not to deal with this seller now, and that her account is closed. So i asked "How do i get my money back". No reply. Thankfully seller has contacted me and looks like I might receive them, but iOffer doesnt give a ***. Also, bought 2 mobile phones, cant get a reply from seller now to see if theyve been shipped. When I went into his account, it is now saying hasnt been a seller for 3 months, and I bought off him 5 days ago. So - how does this happen? iOffer is nothin but full of scammers and people who tell you items are authentic when they're not.

baglabs: fake burberry and gucci handbags; lair, did not want to refund

ioffer has alot of scammer, please beware...i have bought 3 burberry bags from baglabs, he said is authentic and when i received it, is a fake one not even a high replica, the bags is not look the same as in the picture, and another one from charmingproducts do not buying anything from this seller either, he agreed to sell me 4 bags for 160.00 but he only send me 1 bags and i try to email him but i did not received any email back, he just took money and then he cancel a ioffer account...that is rude...bottom line is don't buy anything from that site..thanks

  • Lo
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tafakte/ladymax is a bootlegers... many others on ioffer, which suck. This one sell copies of Japanese shows on Memorex DVD+R. These shows are: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM), Kamen Tenshi Rosetta (Masked Angel Rosetta) and Sera Myu (Sailor Moon Musical). She's a big Sailor Moon fan, so big that she sell copies of the show... What a logic! Anyway, not only she sell those without remorse, but if anyone dare to ask her for a refund, she become a REALY BIG bully! Of course, your money is lost after you buying from her! So avoid her (and iOffer) at all cost!!! She also have a account on Ebay, called ladymax07, and she sell her bootlegs on her distro website.


This site should not be allowed on the net, seriously. Stealing people's money is not fair. If only I had known to research the site a little more before I sent $100 unknowingly to CHINA through PayPal. I am currently trying to get my money back, but I have a feeling that this will definitely not work. The news media needs to get the word out this is a scamming site and for people not to give their hard earned money to these people. AWFUL! I gave $100 for 2 sets of "Coach" purse and wallets. One of the products was not even correct and they were all HORRIBLE quality FAKES w. obvious hints to how badly produced they were. If only I had known. It outrages me. I looked at the feedback and it all seems to be good, which confuses me completely. Anyway, DO NOT use IOffer, you are wasting your money. END OF STORY. Oh and the person I got it from was bags521. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  • Ju
    julez_1981 Aug 31, 2009

    Never buy from ioffer, I purchesed the shoes and paid $76 but the seller sent me the cheap ring instead of shoes, Paypal didn't return me the money, and ioffer never answered, this site such a crap. Never buy from them, never ever!!!

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  • Tu
    turning_heads Sep 11, 2009

    same this happened to me i bought a disney dvd set but was sent a cheap necklace??? paypal wont look into the case
    never buy from that site it is a complete scam

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  • Ro
    Rob54 Nov 09, 2009

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with ioffer. I have been purchasing items from different sellers and have had only 1 issue ( late delivery, but I got my stuff ). All depending what you buy, some items are really amazing quality. Although some may say they are fakes, I beg to differ. What happens is that in some cases, with certain products, is that the manufacturer in China has a quota to produce say...10, 000 items for retail sales, the manufacturer makes an extra 5000 and sells them himself. The best is to stick with a seller that you have had a positive experience with. I will continue to buy from ioffer, and will always know that there is a chance that the items will either be bad quality or not receive my items...that's just the way it is. Good luck

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  • Ro
    robbed23456 Jul 24, 2011

    I agree do not buy from, and the news media certainly needs to investigate this
    fraudulent chinese website i bought a pair of sunglasses as soon as seller (scammer) told me it was going to
    take an estimated time of 1 month to receive my glasses i dont care if your in tim -buk -to it doesnt take 1 month to delivery sunglasses i knew something wasnt right than also when i didnt get charged for a delivery that was clue number 2 still i have yet to receive these sunglasses they basically took my money and ran like a thief and i didnt get anything to show for it which is nothing short from stealing from me., if this website doesnt get shut down with all the compliants you have to wonder who all is involved with the pack of thieves. the person that stole from me was called hk_union do not order this person

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  • Ro
    robbed23456 Jul 24, 2011 does not filter it's website if there are some legit sellers and some that are not obviously you are running a bad business because you are not filtering the scammers from your site which makes me believe you are getting paid under the table as well to keep the scammers on board which makes this site a total package for
    internet fraud and shouldnt be allowed to continue because this chinese website has not been shut down by now obviously there are others involved and getting paid as well, bottom line noone is to be trusted we are living in our last days.

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  • Io
    iOfferLisa Aug 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are based in San Francisco, CA- not China.
    If you have had personal problems with Chinese sellers, I would suggest not buying from them. The location of the seller is readily available on the site. Also, always check out the seller before making a purchase.

    Here's some info on using the site safely:

    If you guys are experiencing problems that we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via twitter @ioffer_help or [email protected]

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scam and fraud

Buyers Beware!!! Internet site created by scammers for scammers!!! I was scammed on thi...

counterfeits, fakes & no support 4 buyers or sellers

F you’re interested in counterfeit purses, counterfeit electronics & sunglasses, boot dvds, rx drugs ...

fraudulent item

I have recently purchased a blackberry bold, via IOFFER. After confirming the purchase at $202 I couldnt wait to recieve it for such great value. I had lost my original and was desperate for a replacement.
The buyer assured me this was genuine and did have a 100% rating so I wasnt questionable in the slightest.
As soon as I had made the purchase the buyer wasnt so quick with correspondence.
Then two weeks of tracking I later received a small, brown, ugly teapot.
I filed a dispute to which the seller closed their account and paypal refused to do anything as the seller provided sufficient tracking information.
Is there anything I can do??
I am extremley angry with regards to this, and if I knew I was loosing the money id have rather given it away to someone of my choice.
Please advise.. thanks.

  • Be
    bellavita Nov 06, 2009

    I wish I'd thought to check prior to ordering at ioffer. I ordered 3 days ago and tried to email the seller lnbreford/ breford @gmail and found his mail undeliverable and his store closed due to no items for sale. This prompted me to call Visa and Pay pal. Apparently I have to wait to deal with my discrepancy w/ paypal til the 10th. Ioffer does not care that the emails junk and the store is closed. I hope I am wrong but my leap of faith feels like it was a bad move.

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  • Pr
    prashant kumar12 Mar 05, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    imei no. 357175045029492

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Resolved iphone 3g scam @ ioffer

Has anyone made a recent iphone 3g deal with this seller (item # [protected] )?

abcdefgsed521 (3)
li fang
NO 458 dahua RD
Shanghai 200098, China

I bought an iphone on March 12, 2009 and paid via paypal.
Then 3 days later he was suspended from ioffer but he still provided me with an EMS tracking number.

Later on I found out that his ioffer listing is just copied from an ebay store: (check out the iphone listing)

I have yet to know what I would be receiving so I already filed a Paypal dispute for non-receipt so that i would at least have some security.

Has anyone received their order yet? If yes, can you tell me if it really was a real iphone?

  • On
    onryx2 Jul 27, 2009

    This happened to me too. I dont think with the same person, but he was suspended as well. This is really frustrating.

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  • Rr
    rroky Sep 04, 2009

    Hi, I am ioffer seller and if some one has suspended it mean scam or nonpayment to ioffer.
    I is as If you want to buy from ioffer first look the feedback. Zero feedback mean beware of that seller. I have been in ioffer for 8 years and my feedback is 63.

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Resolved ioffer is a fraud

i was going to buy something on ioffer, but then i made some research to make sure it wasn't a scam . Turns out it is the bigest scam ever!i am glad i didnt buy anything!!!

  • Ra
    raisa Feb 08, 2009

    i sooo agree

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  • Sa
    Sandi Feb 25, 2009

    I have bought a lot of things from sellers on ioffer and never had a problem of any sort. The items were all exactly as listed, they came quickly and were usually better than the listing said. You must have heard only from those who like ebay and want to put ioffer out of business. Have had a lot of problems on ebay.

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  • De
    dee20 Apr 22, 2009

    I have been a victim three times on this site called They are complete fraudsters. I have placed some items for three times now and today the third parcel turned up this morning, but the criminal sent me a dirty chinese clay pot, wrapped in newspaper and carefully packaged with bubble foams.
    The same way was the 2nd item I was expecting to be delivered. Appearantly, this would have been the same criminal using different ID. In the part of ioffer, when you complain about a dubious criminal, the next thing you will know is that your account will be for long placed under review and your account restricted.

    The bottom line is that site- encourage criminals on their site.
    Please stay away from this site completely, they will never get back to you on your complaints, never! phew!!!

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  • Je
    Jenna G Apr 21, 2011

    I chose to buy an item through buy it now on iOffer yesterday knowing I wouldn't be able to pay the seller until tonight or tomorrow morning when my wages go through. However, the seller started harassing me for payment after 4 hours of me selecting buy it now. They said it was company policy to only allow people 24 hours in which to pay otherwise they will cancel the transaction and relist the item. The seller's English was very poor but the English in the description was perfect. After reading complaints about iOffer on the Internet, I searched eBay using the seller's exact title of each of their listings and it turns out that they copied every single one of them. Even the pictures were copied. I tried contacting iOffer's "Help Desk" but they were pathetic. Someone finally gave me an obscure answer that wasn't related to my question at all. iOffer is definitely a website to avoid. Thankfully I haven't paid the seller yet and have asked to cancel the transaction.

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  • Bu
    Butterfly4764 Dec 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered from ioffer in nov. and yet up till now have not received the item do not order anything from ioffer do not it's a scam big times.

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scam facilitator

I believe that iOffer is complicit in the scams that are perpetrated on its site. They facilitate scammers by hiding who they are and where they are from . If someone in China uses a Hotmail account to create their iOffer account they can appear to be domestic. iOffer makes no effort to protect their buyers. Mentioning my scammer by name is useless as he has no doubt already created several new ID's on iOffer.

My seller had a lot of history, but only one feedback. So, iOffer gives him 100% positive rating. I tried to contact other buyers to see if they received their items, but, iOffer makes this difficult if not impossible for the new user. I would love to see an in depth study of their listings; I suspect that the majority are scam listings. iOffer would no doubt claim innocence, however, surely they know the truth and choose to ignore it. In my opinion this makes them just as guily.

Paypal does not help because the do not let you check out a seller until after you send them money. My seller with a domestic name and domain name turned out the in China and "unverified" by Paypal. had I known that I would not have sent the money.

  • De
    dee20 Apr 22, 2009

    I have been a victim three times on this site called They are complete fraudsters. I have placed some items for three times now and today the third parcel turned up this morning, but the criminal sent me a dirty chinese clay pot, wrapped in newspaper and carefully packaged with bubble foams.
    The same way was the 2nd item I was expecting to be delivered. Appearantly, this would have been the same criminal using different ID. In the part of ioffer, when you complain about a dubious criminal, the next thing you will know is that your account will be for long placed under review and your account restricted.

    The bottom line is that site- encourage criminals on their site.
    Please stay away from this site completely, they will never get back to you on your complaints, never! phew!!!

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  • i scam on ioffer its fun

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I was a seller. And there sold watches, bags, shoes and etc. So I had a buyers which was happy with my service (about 95%), and surely not happy customers. But there were also buyers which were scammes. They opened fake paypal disputes that they did not receive item but with my documentational proofs I won disputes.

I want to complain with one ugly buyer which was Ana Sanchez from Brazil. She bought 2 watch from me which costs $58. So Item was late (as it is obviously happening because of postal issues) and she opened dispute in paypal and won it, I postel all documents to paypal that I shipped item to buyer, I put invoice but unfortunately paypal refunded money to buyer.

But recently I checked the tracking number and saw that buyer received item. I emailed her and wrote in whatsapp but she do not answer me properly. She promised to pay back but dit. And she is selling also that items in her instagram account:

instagram: @anabaza05
number: [protected]
email: [protected]
I also posted her photos.

SO I do not recommed to any sellers to sell this fake buyer. She is just scammer and she enjoy to steal money from others.

Resolved online scam

1st purchase on ioffer was an iPod 80gb all the garb. What I received was an iPod nano, fraction of the cost...