Intoxalock / interlock device (legacy) 2016

Ro Feb 17, 2016
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Date: Feb 17th 2016 Client#342346 Driving home from installation of product by interlock installer... Device had to be blown into to start, , then 5 minutes later rolling re=blow, then less than 10 minutes 2nd blow/exhale, then a 3rd one before coming home after only going 9 miles away.. Seriously! Called the technical dept about issue, they told me its normal 1st time user.. Kidding right? The device is not user friendly, its hardly safe driving while engaged in driving distracting you from driving... And i do not think device was calibrated or working right when it was installed on my 2003 chevy trailblazer...So i am very upset, frustrated with what manufacturer (intoxalock calls user friendly... It took me over a hour to get home which normally takes me less than a half-hour 9 miles My desired resolution is to request a return of said product and cancel my account... I will go to courts to see i can get the device removed legally.. I had multiple chats with different agents on wednesday feb 17th at 2 pm cst here in wisconsin.. I cannot upload a invoice since i don't have ability with laptop... but can produce when needed... Robert

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