Intoxalock / igniton interlock

Des Moines IA, United States
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This company is fraudulent all the way around. Court ordered a portable to ignition device got the portable until I got a license for to driver installed the ignition. Both from Intoxalock. They wont allow the return of the portable despite the fact the original order said EITHER device required. So they are charging me for both.

The compliance email they provide doesn't work. "Yes, the compliance officer received the documents and has replied that the documents are not acceptable authorization for de-installation of Home Monitoring Unit. The monitoring officer must provide the required authorization. Please contact your PO to obtain the authorization. It must be emailed to [protected]"

there is no PO because there hasn't been a trial yet. Try to email that address it doesn't work and is false. This company is dishonest to the core. The Court has no clue why they are asking for this as they are not a government agency!

Oct 24, 2016

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