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Intoxalock / Causing Engine Problems

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I recently had the Intoxalock system installed in my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis. My car ran fine until about a week after having it installed. First, it drained my battery because I was waiting for the state to issue my limited license. I decided that was my fault as I had it installed too soon. So I bought a new battery, but then my car started to run horribly. The engine was missing, my check engine light came on, and I was worried about getting home from work. I took it to the dealer that installed my Intoxalock (AMPT in Kasson, MN) and had them run diagnostics. They told me cylinders three and five were not firing properly, so I replaced my plugs and wires but to no avail. It still ran horribly. So I bought a new car, a 2004 Ford Taurus. I had AMPT move my interlock device to the Taurus and it ran fine for almost two weeks. And then the Taurus also had the engine light come on. I brought it to the dealer I got my car from, (Lowell's Auto in Dodge Center, MN) and after he hooked up his diagnostic machine I was told that the engine was misfiring on cylinder three. So I replaced the coil pack on that car, and it still is not helping. I can not afford to keep replacing parts, but I also can't run my car without an ignition device. It is very frustrating. My problem is I am not sure if it is the device, or the person that installed it. I would like to know if others have experienced my problem with this device or if it is maybe an error on the part of the installer? Either way, I am thinking I would like a different one installed as the current installer is the only one in the area that does Intoxalock. Is there a way to switch providers? I am pretty sure I am locked into a year contract with them though?

Dec 31, 2015
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  • Li
      26th of Sep, 2018
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    Definitely go with another vendor intoxalock is known for messing up vehicles that is there #1 issue. It’s not the techs it’s the device itself.

  • Ju
      12th of Oct, 2018
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    Wow I'am so happy that you wrote this, Believe it or not I just went thru the same thing exactly, with my 1998 Ford Explorer Sport in Phoenix Az. it has been bothering me alot because I do take care of my SUV. I figure being single I have to have a reliable ride. And since my interlock my truck has been missing and running like [censored]. Changed oil, filter, plugs, wires, and still got check engine light on. i would talk about to a couple friends and they would say "I don't think that a interlock from the court would be able to mess up your vehicle or they would have a ton of complaints" I think the court doesn't even hear any thing about it because if someone did think it was the interlock they would question the interlock place . I did and he said " i really don't think it's because of the interlock and it is a 1998" anyway i signed the papers to put it on, reread those and they are not responsible for any thing that goes wrong with your ride only the interlock it self.
    I understand I got my DUI and I am doing everything they ask, which is alot and alot of money, now even more to fix my SUV. but Thanks again because I thought it had to have something to do with the interlock, so because you had the same trouble it means "I am not Crazy"
    I just wish we could find out if others are having the same problem. Wishful thinking but maybe they would have to recall them.
    You Have A Great Day! Kat

  • Ja
      23rd of Oct, 2018
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    same here, and electrical problems as well, they screwed my bmw up and will not accept any responsibility at all. crooked [censored]

  • Me
      26th of Nov, 2018
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    These devise's are [censored]! My truck was fine before IO put that thing in my truck. Check engine light on, I put Two New Batteries in my truck. I just brought it back from the shop because I had to have a new alternator put in. I have been watching my bills from them and they have charged me 3 times for lock outs that were not my fault. I went to a friends house in Downtown Milwaukee, everything was fine getting there and when I went to leave, my truck wouldn't start. The interlock wouldn't light up, NOTHING. This happened before so when I talked to them, this guy told me to unhook the device inside first, we tried that around 3 times and it still didn't work, so he told me to take the negative cable off my battery wait 15 mins, hook it back up then try it and it worked, but it threw me into re-calibration. That also happened when I was downtown. I took the cable off waited then it started. They charged me 150.00 for doing that because they said I didn't have a call into them. That's total B.S. I tried to call and sat on the phone for over an hour with no answer. When I called them on Monday mourning, they told me that they have someone on site 24 hours a day. Bull [censored].!! No one even called me back either when I left my number for them. I wasn't about to sit downtown all by myself waiting to get Mugged or Murdered waiting for them to say they would call and never did! They know they have us by the Balls because we have to have these in our cars. What are we supposed to do? These crooks are taking money from me left and right, and I am supposed to have this in my truck for 3 more years!!??!!! [censored] Them. They constantly are charging me for unnecessary things and I have been put in lock out countdown 16 times in 6 months, WTF ??? I know just because I am a female but this is about all I can take from intoxalock!! My truck is being ruined by this device and they don't care. The next time I see them take a penny that they don't deserve, I swear to God, I'm suing them!!!

  • Me
      26th of Nov, 2018
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    @Megan Molkentin Not to mention having to have my truck towed 6 times because of breaking down electrically. My truck is almost brand new and never had a problem until they got a hold of me.!! I'm looking for someone else right now. Make sure you write them a letter before you cancel them, , there's a fee for that too. Don't fart in your car, , , they will probably charge you for un-useable Gas!!

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