Intelius / three different charges posting to my bank account

Intelius, Bellevue, WA, United States

I have 3 different charges pending to my bank account. One is in the amount of $19.95, $29.95, $39.95. I have no idea why I am being charged these amounts and what they are for. I simply just want what has been taken from me and given back. I am disabled and live on every penny I have. Some how this company got my credit card information and took money out of my account. I feel very violated and feel like this is fraud. I received an email saying my membership has been cancelled at 6:57am on a Sunday morning! What membership?? I would have called right away had it not been a weekend. Nobody is there on a weekend you can speak to, and the only way to file a complaint with them is to call, no email method? If they had email complaints I could have filed one right away! I can't even call my bank. I expect that this company will make it right and put back those 3 charges back into my account. Looks like I'll have to order another debit card again because this one was stolen again!


Dec 16, 2018

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