Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation [IRCTC]services is for company profits not for customers

!! Irctc!!

1.) the worst and non reliable services of india. They made their irctc app which has no details regarding ticket cancellation charges in past years if we cancel are tickets a pop-up shows that how much refund you get in that tickets same I gone to ticket cancellation but app didn't give pop-up that how much I get after cancellation and I losted my 295 rupees I make the booking of rupees 315 and after cancellation I get only 20 rupees in refund.

2.) when I called irctc the call is busy till 9 attempt there are two number only one is in working and it also takes much time to connect as the same speed which the government takes in it's all facility slower than tortoise.

3.) then I said to customer care that while checking the charges of cancellation I unfortunately cancelled my tickets 4 minutes before they said we can't do anything you get your 20 rupees between 12-24hours. I said I done it mistakenly in order to check cancellation charges. I don't want to cancel it I have ho at 8th december. 2018 please do something she has said that our company i. E; (irctc) didn't make any rule regarding this you have to make new ticket

So, I request to complaint board please work on this blunderest problem

And I have to say one think to irctc that how much you give your interviews to tv's or in national geographic channel to show what is your services is but the reality is you didn't change the service for customer willness you are business base company you take the action to you favour & your profits without seeing whether it good for customer or not and after crossing you limits then customer blame your services and it will be a big issue come in every news channels then you take the aciton regarding that problem because this is your nature.

I have to ask a questions from the comm ceo that everybody that working in your company is like you i. E;!! Educated illitrate person or you are making psychological pressure in them that you don't have to take descions whatever company is saying do that.

Anirudh sharma.

Nov 29, 2018

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