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Sir, Madam,

During December 2009 I foolishly ordered "Complete history of world" through readers digest(ITBC). A cheque was attached and the same was en cashed on 6/1/2010. When I did not get the book by Feb 2010 I tried calling Readers digest and my ordeal started. I live in Chennai and I was told that I have to call 011 [protected]. In spite of this customer complaint number being an STD, not toll free number, Perhaps to avoid customer calling, I called up several times and was told the book had returned back due to address problems. Mind you, I am living in the same address for the past 12 years and still get all "Readers digest" magazine regularly.
I was told with in 20 Days the book will be re sent to me. I patiently waited for the same and called up in march, I was then told that the book is out of inventory and they are waiting for the same to come, I called up again in April and same reply, Agin in may 2010 same reply. I took this very hard and told them to cancel the order and return the money. After that every 20 days I am calling them and they are still, we are in September 2010, given the money back. In august I got a call from one Ravi, who gave me a "waybill number" of blue dart which turned out to be wrong. Today I spoke to the call center and one Mr. Rashid, who was very harsh, says it is the problem of "Blue Dart". I have never seen such utter disregard for customers.

I sincerely believe that ITBC is cheating money and forcing customers to go through horrid time with their call center to dissuade them from asking re imbursement

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      Nov 07, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    We have come across your on line complaint on

    We have gone through your complaint, we request you to kindly provide us your membership number and your order number along with your complete address so that we can check the details and inform you the same.

    We value your association with India Today Book Club and thank you for your patronage & co-operation.

    For any further query or assistance please feel free to write us on [protected]

    or call us at 011-[protected].

    We would request you to kindly mention this subject: ONLINE COMPLAINTS whenever you e-mail us for quicker response.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Bag It Today.

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