Incheon International Airport / immigration departures

Incheon2, Korea (South)

I am a foreigner with a Korean visa because my wife is Korean . The Immigration officer
Ms Kim Mi Young, refused to speak English to me at the immigration checkpoint, when I informed her that I don't understand Korean . She continued talking to me in Korean, and in a very condescending tone while tapping my Korean Id card, demanding why I don't speak Korean, I would assume. She was asking me questions I could not answer. No translator was called to assist . Korean speaking is not a requirement for a visa . She was trying to humiliate me . I went to find a supervisor, and when I returned, the Immigration officer -Ms Kim- started speaking English to me . The managed accused me of being prejudice because I didn't understand Korean and she proceeded to ask if " I thought they should respect me ? " . The whole debacle resulted in me missing my flight, and out of a replacement ticket to get bumped to the next flight ... $$$ wasted. Very rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional. The American Airlines office in that airport did not help to bump me onto another flight.
Said good bye and good luck . Terrible experience.

Sep 14, 2017

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