Incheon International Airportbus doesn't stop at gate. forces longer wait and unnecessary taxi ride.

G Aug 04, 2017

Myself and a passenger booked a bus to Gangnam station for 11:04PM. It listed two gates for pickup, but we went to the 2nd (closer) gate (#11). At that time the bus passed by and didn't stop. Now we had been forced to wait longer to a farther stop and take an unnecessary taxi from there (now missing subway times). The airport staff said that our tickets didn't count as reservations and only offered to refund our tickets. The staff offered no reasonable explanation as to why the bus wouldn't stop at the other listed gate other than to say that our paid tickets didn't act as reservations and they probably gave the seats to people who were at the first stop. Not even sure why they would list the second gate pickup if they don't honor tickets and the listed stop. Very uncomfortable and unhappy night with Incheon airport.

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