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On July 4th, I went to Ikea Brooklyn. I ordered an amount of 1115.07 USD (37 packs - nr [protected]). We have agreed a delivery date on July 16th. On July 13th I received a phone call from XPO, the delivery company to say that the delivery was delayed because they didn't have all the ordered items. During the week following July 16th, I didn't receive any news either from Ikea or from Xpo. I phoned Xpo once and Ikea twice. A new date was finally agreed for delivery on July 21st. The day after, I received a phone call saying that it would be on the 22nd. On the 22nd I received only 3 boxes ( 2 603.598.35 and 1 602.800.69. In the afternoon, I phoned Ikea. After 2 hours waiting at the phone, I was told that my situation will be analysed and that I will receive very soon further news. On the 23rd, I received an email saying that my case nr [protected] has been reviewed and that Ikea would like to proceed with a resolution. On the 24th, without any news, I phoned back Ikea again. Another 2 hours waiting time. I was told that my problem cannot be solved as it was not known when the majority of my order would be available for delivery. After almost one hour of dicussion and waiting time, it was agreed that I would be reimbursed of the totality of the order except the 2 603.598.35 and that Ikea would come on the 29th to recuperate the 602.800.69. I received an email a few minutes after the end of our discussion mentioning that Ikea would also recuperate the 2 603.598.35 (order number [protected]). So I will have to phone Ikea again (another waiting time of 2 hours I suppose) to correct this mistake. And I still don't have received the furniture I desperately need. I am really fed up. In Belgium where I am coming from, I have never had any problems with Ikea. Dealing with Ikea Brooklyn is a real nightmare.

Jul 25, 2018

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