IKEAfraud and scam

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I bought a bed from ikea, carson, california. When we get it home and start to assemble it we realize it is the wrong size. We put the bed back in original packaging and seal it all up. We returned to ikea the next day, spoke to store manager and he would not do anything!

The bed is unused and in sellable condition. Why do they advertise on tv and all over the store that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase bring back with a receipt within 90 days!!!

We tried the store in costa mesa too, they were nicer but still would not take the bed back only the mid beams which is only $10 vs the $431.92 we paid. The boxes are still sitting in my garage and i'm still fighting this until I get my money back. This is horrible service, I will never shop at ikea again!!!

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  • Ke
      Feb 14, 2009

    I'm surprised. We bought at IKEA in Germany and never had any problem. It was nice to have service that was not surly. If you need extra parts they will mail them to you for free. They immediately discount everything that is returned, but never took back anything reluctantly. I would suggest printing out their return policy and asking for the higher ups until they take the item back.

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  • Ik
      Jul 09, 2011

    I bought a curtain for my balcony sliding door at iKea as well. It was the wrong size and the cashier said it is not resellable. I told him that iKea ia a scammer. I was mad and demanded my redund. He was adamant but i persisted and finally, I got my refund back. I will never go to IKEA ever again.

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  • Zh
      Jul 13, 2011

    I would advise not to shop at the ikea online. They overcharge on shipping fees, awful customer service, never respond to emails and it took them 26 days to complete my order.

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  • Ge
      Aug 17, 2011

    I just want to tell you that ### customers like you never read and then demand thinks. If it says you cannot return the item, then you can't. You probably cut the curtain and just because you were such a dick to them they helped you out so you leave the freaking store.

    Make sure you tell the entire story. Do you think they have every single item on hand every damn day? You must have never worked in retail or have any gerneral knowledge but the one of a douche.
    Things do not grow on trees they need to be manufractured.

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  • Ph
      Oct 23, 2011

    @ Mike Peters, please keep in mind YOU bought the bed in the wrong size! Did you really have to assemble it to realize it was the wrong size? Was it that after you bought the bed frame, assembled it, then realized it was too large for your small bedroom because you failed to measure your bedroom to begin with? I don't blame IKEA for not accepting it back! Once things are assembled, they are not designed to be un assembled & reassembled. Even trailer homes are not designed like this! If IKEA accepted it back, would you want to be the next consumer, assuming they were buying something new, get it home, then realize its been assembled before? Of course not! Use some common sense!

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