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10 K G Lane, Fenton, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 636 326 9990

I had dinner with my son at the Fenton, MO restaurant and it was the worse experience I ever had. Took forever for the food and half of them employees were standing around talking or even yelling as people that the order was up. I came here many times before and food was amazing as my service, but not tonight as waitress was rude too. I told the waitress that my grilled chicken avocado didn't have the avocado and chicken didn't look like it was grilled (grilled looks like lines on the meat as black stripes on the food like BBQ). The bun was greasy and stuff was falling off out of the bun. The avocado was itty bitty pieces in the bun as not on the chicken. I had many of sandwiches like this before and it is always big pieces inside the sandwich or even on the side. The waitress told me, "Hold on!" She comes back and tells me, "Will you ate it!" I told her, "Yeah, I was hungry and had to try it!" I told her will not tip you at all as it isn't worth my time for you or the way you treated me" I will never go back to this place again and it isn't worth my money to get food like that! They didn't even give me half off my food or even give me a new one. My son didn't even have a lot of eggs on his plate and didn't look like a grand slam of lots of food. I want my money back asap or I will contact the news, attorney general, and bbb. I want my $28.94 back now!!! I want it back on my card bye this week! Elizabeth Lombardo

Jul 23, 2017

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