IHOP Restaurants / manager was very rude/unprofessional

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Wow, so I called in after trying to order online which wasn't successful. I talked to Heidi and she from the beggining was extremely rude to me and I ordered ONE raspberry crepe, and side of hash browns. Simple right? Obviously not, she tried charging me $11 and something so I asked why when online it said it was $5.48. She admitted to making the mistake and than told me it was going to be $7.10 and I asked why again (very kindly mind you) and she got real snide with me telling me that's what it was. So my mom went in to pick it up in which my mom personally knows this Heidi. Heidi came up with 3 ppl as "body guards" telling my mom all pissed off "why did you say you were Nikki I couldn't believe you would talk to me like that" she said "Nikki was rude so why was she so rude" than she said "well I don't appreciate how rude she was" and walked off really pissed of with the 3 ppl she came up to my mom with. For one I was not rude and my mom felt threatened by her attitude and having 3 ppl ready to fight when I would of walked into the business. Very unwelcoming and extremely unprofessional. I'm beyond myself in how such a small phone call was made into something that extreme. Unbelievable

Not to mention the food I ordered is for my 2 year old son and I'm afraid to give it to him to eat, although he begged me to eat at his favorite place. Because I'm seriously afraid they did something horrible to his food. I should not be this concerned to feedback my child food over something so CHILDISH!! I will be taking further action about this incident to the higher ups as well.

Apr 23, 2018
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  • Ni
      Apr 23, 2018

    Not to mention that my two year old so cried when i refused to let him eat the food because i was afraid. I got angry and hit him. My mom who reported me when i did this before got custody of him took him home so i could not even enjoy a visit with him thanks to Heidi, and my mom said i was rude which I was not. My mom told me that I am not allowed to hit my son and she will take him home if i do.

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  • N2
      Apr 23, 2018

    @Nikki KIine What the hell is this?

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  •   Apr 29, 2018

    @Nikki KIine You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope CPS took your child away from you. Sick [censored].

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  •   Apr 23, 2018

    Troll alert. Multiple nicknames, same story. Restaurant is wrong, kid gets slapped, DFCS is called. She's posted this weekly under different nicknames for months. She needs attention and the arguments excite her. It's best to just ignore her posts. Arguing turns her on as does the attention. It's very sad that someone pretends to abuse children to get attention. Some day I'll compile a spreadsheet of her complaints and nicknames, restaurants and more. CPS will be encouraged to investigate her claims of abusing her children.

    It's either a lonely woman or an attention-seeking male. Truly sick to seek attention this way. You'll read about this on the news some day soon. "Mass killer/shooter/casualty on the loose. Neighbors said they were not surprised as he/she rarely left the house and dead animals were always on her lawn."

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