IHOP Restaurants / management

Greensboro, NC, United States

Regarding IHOP on Ring rd. Greensboro NC. Gm Iris Uscanga is verbally abusive to her employees daily. She continuously screams at her employees, talks and about employees to other employees, she is very rude toward customers, and also talks badly about the customers to her employees. I was employed there and recently quit, do to the verbal and mental abuse. I had not repotered this earlier due to fear of losing my job, as she threatened me with termination frequently for no reason and as well to other employees as well. Most good is spoiled but she has employees change the dates and the labels so she will not lose points. The dish racks that are used in the dish machine in the dish area are coroded with mold. She claims that working weekends and holidays are mandatory, as her daughter who is employed there, does not work on Saturdays or holidays. I have had many customers that have complained to me of how they would never come back due to her rudeness and racism.

Sep 25, 2017

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