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ICICI Lombard / wrong reversal of amount debit for medical insurance

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I have been given credit card by ICICI Bank.After some days I recd a Medical Insurance from ICICI lombard covering the Hospitalisation Expenses. I talked to Customer care at lucknow and informed that I am working with L&T and such scheme is already available with me so I don't require this please cancel as it has come to me without my requirement, They canceled it .After words I recd another policy at my home at Kanpur with the same specification , I was Stunned because few days back only I Have cancelled the previous one,. Once again I talked to Customer care and cancelled the Policy.

I have debited with some amount in my Credit card but given credit for approx 25% less in both the cases.
Now ICICI is behind me for the payment. I told them all the facts made the detail working also but all in vein .There is no one who can help me in this small case.

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  • Sa
      26th of May, 2007
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    Same happened with me and they have blocked my saving account with 12,000 in it.

  • An
      26th of Aug, 2007
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    ICICI is full of real ###. I have been given a credit card from ICICI and they enrolled me into this same Lombard Med insurance. They confirmed my interest on the same, and said that Its required to pay some 400 rs per month on Med Insurance; they gave me no other information. I waited for the credit card and for 4 months they did not sent it to me. After 4 months, they sent a Credit card statement that, Rs. 8525 has been charged from the Credit card, and I need to pay 8525/- plus the penal interest of 1800/-.

    I told that I never had received the credit card. Now they phoned me and told that the old card has been destroyed, and anew card is on the way, but I have to pay the outstanding amount.

    Now the situation is even tenser; these people call me day in and day out, and tell me that I have to pay this huge amount.

    I am really puzzled with this.

    Where can I get help?

    Please someone advice me.

  • Ra
      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    Dear friends,
    This is Rajesh Nelavelli. I'm workin for Satyam. In August i was applied for ICICI CREDIT card. In Oct. One of the ICICI exicutive called me for verification.After that he asked me to take Lombard,it will helps in "TAX Decleration". I said "NO". Even though he sent two Lombard cards to my parent's address. They sent to me after a week. I immediately called that person(Raja Reddy,Chennai,no:+914445583586) and asked him to cancel those cards. He said that "Sir, I'm sorry for that. Unfortunately It was activaed,Please pay 1047/- for jan. , after that i will cancel the cards." Now those customer care people said to me "YOU HAVE TO PAY 5,500/- rs. as CANCELLATION FEES".

    Please tell me,"Is this is the correct way for ICICI bank to develop their business, and please tell me"What to do now"?

    with Regards,
    Rajesh Nelavelli.

  • Na
      8th of Sep, 2008
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    I have bought a mediclaim policy from ICICI Lombard (Policy No. 4034/FPS/03499714/00/000) IN APRIL 08. I submitted 4 installments. They assured me that Rs 452.00 would be deducted every month from my credit card but they went against there assurance & get RS 453.49 deducted every month.

    I call there customer care executives & send too many mail regarding this. But I did not get any satisfactory answere from them. Like this my first problem was wrong deduction. I did not care for 2 Rs. but it is the matter of a Company's wrong assurance.

    They cheating with customer and after having policy recived they even did not care about the customer they compelety forget & try to ignore him. On the other hand they publicly shout & try to convey the message in market that they care the customer better than anyone.

    When I call there customer executive they talked with me in a very rude & improper manner & said that they could not return my money as per their Company's policy but could not tell the policy to me & ask me to withdraw my policy & once again assured me that they will return me my complete money without any kind of deduction & I diid so.

    I get my policy withdrawn but once again I get cheated & I got my money deducted by the company. When I asked how my money get deducted whereelse you have said I will get my complete money back, Once again they said ------------As per the company policy-------------------- like this without telling me any policy of their company they get my policy crushed & cheated me at every point.

    Now recently I received a mail "
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: CustomerSupport
    To: Nagendra
    Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 11:40 AM
    Subject: RE:'ICICILom=003-018-544' ICICI Lombard Website - Email

    Dear Customer,
    "We request you to provide us your contact number with the STD code to serve you better."
    As per our discussion, we request you to provide us the new policy number in order to reverse all the charges related to your cancelled policy.

    Warm Regards,
    Praful Karkera
    Query Resolution Team
    When we received this mail and make a call to customer care they told me You purchase a new policy and we can settle all the thing.
    How can I belive of this type of company I never want to purchase any policy from them.
    Now I want to tell the public through you that teh assurance that these Companies are making to you are all empty bans.
    They are lier, They are cheater and they are---------------------------------------------.
    Now would you please help me in this matter.

    Thanks & Regard's
    Nagendra Kumar
    Email -
    Mobile- 9873913601

  • Ra
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    I have a ICICI Lombard-General Insurance Health Policy.
    And I got a phone call from ICICI saying all my personal details, credit card number, date of birth which they got from my ICICI Lombard policy, saying "All the ICICI Lombard customers will be converted to ICICI Prudential, so you need to take a new policy from ICICI Prudential, and your previous policy will be discontinued". But after 3 months it doesnt happen. The money is still deducted from my credit card. I have contacted the ICICI Lombard people, they said that I am being misguided and no further action is taken.

  • Vi
      25th of Dec, 2008
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    The same thing happened to me. One icici credit card is issued to me (2005) which i never got. There was no poicy on it. After some time i was reissued anther card (2008).But ICICI lombard policy was activated on it wthout my information. The most important things is that i never got any of the cards.

    I only came to know after seeing my bank statements that per months 1390 rs is being debited from my saving account from something. After talking to customer care, i came to know that i have an credit card from past 3 years on my name. As the card is with the bank with status undelivered, i was stunned to know that. They told me that this amount is debited towards this ICICI LOmbard policy and asked me to cancel this policy. When i called them to cancel this policy. I was only refunded 25% and 75 % of the premium value (appr, 15627) was deducted again from my account.

    What the hell is going on. They activate some policy without the information on the undelivered card that too with out any information. And when the person deactivate this policy a big percentage of the premium amount is charged. What the [censored].

    I am still fighting with them to give me whole money back and asking for the proof that i ever agreed the terms and conditions for this policy.

    What can be the solution ...

  • Va
      1st of May, 2012
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