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ICICI Bank Personal Loan / cheating and lying to customers!

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Re: icici bank

To the manager
Personal loan dept
Icici bank

Self azad contacted by one your staff ms. Geetha cell #: [protected], from icici bank personal loan, 5 south bouge road, 1st street, teynampet, chennai 600018. Office number 044-[protected].

Ms. Geetha told me as pre sanctioned loan was sanctioned to me for rs. 4 lakh. And through her I applied for personal loan of rs. 3 lakh before 10 days. Appl# 6070151. Reference number of the personal loan : [protected].

Mr. Dhana sekar cell no: [protected] came and collected blank cheques and documents signed from me.

After that for the last 7 days both their cell number was inactive. I could not get any positive reply from them. I have inquired the call center daily. No supportive information. They used to tell me that the complained were taken and the reply will be given after 2 days. It is very surprise to say that the 2 days never come.

Every time I call the call center personal loan dept they used to say that my loan is sanctioned and don’t know any further information about the status of my application. Even to day on 19th I made a complaint to the call center service# sr15598320.

Who ever they may concern, kindly tell me the status of my personal loan account.
Why no one is giving any proper reply to me. What happened to my blank cheques? What happened to the signed documents without filling anything on it?
Why the icici staffs refused to give any reply?
Why I did not get any reply from the call center.
Why I did not get any reply from the icici bank to which I made a complaint through internet site?
Is there any grievance section to pass my complaint?

Cell: [protected] - 19 dec 2006
Those who know the email address of icici bank authorities, pl send it to my email : or pass on this site to your known officers

To all public at chennai : if any one who get a call from icici bank personal loan dept saying that pre approved loan is sanctioned to you. Pl. Don't feel happy. It may be a fraud or a trap to catch you and collect blank cheques from you. Pl. Be careful to get written letter from the marketing executives for what ever they collect from you. Don't forget to collect their visiting card. Make sure to call the phone number as per the visiting card before giving any cheques. Confirm their officer's name and phone number. Once they leave your place you can not contact any of their superiors. This information from my experience.

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  • Az
      8th of Jan, 2007
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    Self who made this complaint. I recd the personal loan. Thanks to icici and all staffs. - azad

  • Am
      19th of Apr, 2007
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    Fed up of the calls from this number +91 80 65765506.


  • Ma
      19th of Apr, 2007
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    Hello, first register your telephone number in the No Call Registry of ICICI Bank. You can register it on ICICI's website.

  • Mr
      10th of Jul, 2007
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    I have got deposit to the tune of 1500000/- (fifteen lacs only) with icic bank ltd under Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, 2004. details of the same are as under:

    account no scss0002283 6.00 lacs 15/2/2006
    account no scss0002783 4.00 lacs 6/4/2006
    account no scss0002621 5.00 lacs 14/3/2006

    I have not received interest for the same for period of 1.4.2007 to 30.6.2006. The interest was to be credited through ecs in my UTI bank savings account with Vastrapur branch Ahmedabad. Account no of the same being 032010100108218 /.

    I have already been to your icici drive in branch ahmedabad regarding the same and am not getting any positive response apart from empty talk we are following the branch since 4.7.2007.

  • Ma
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    sir ,
    i am costemer of your bank my PL no is LIHDP00011405327. i given chque to bank but not recived recipt of chque. plz send me by mail.

    mahesh wakchaurer

  • Ms
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    To The Manager
    Personal Loan Dept
    ICICI Bank

    I am sampath,I was contacted by one your staff Mr. Balaji Cell #: 9840797774, from ICICI BANK Personal loan

    Mr. Balaji told me that they are offering 14% interest rate for Accenture employees. Through him I applied for personal loan of Rs. 1 Lakh on 22nd december.

    Mr. Dinesh cell No: 9841707132 came and collected Blank cheques and documents signed from me.

    After that till today no information was given to me from them. I have called them 100s of times but they never bother to pick up the phone and answer me.

    Long back they once picked up my call and told my loan is approved, they are waiting for a mail confirmation from my ABN AMRO bank. I don't know whom to contact and find the real status of my loan.

    Who ever they may concern, kindly tell me the status of my personal loan account.

    Why no one is giving any proper reply to me. What happened to my blank cheques? What happened to the signed documents without filling anything on it?
    Why the icici staffs refused to give any reply?

    Cell: 9840962343 - 03 Jan 2008
    Those who know the email address of ICICI bank authorities, Pl send it to my email :

  • Pr
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    I have applied for personal loan. A guy come and collect the documents but till now i do no the status of my loan. I called him several times but no response..

  • Vi
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    Dated : 25.01.08

    The Manager
    ICICI Bank Ltd. – Credit Card
    Empire Complex
    414, S.B Marg,
    Lower Parel,
    MUMBAI – 400 013

    Sub. : Personal Loan on Credit Card.

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I have received a cheque no. 022034 dt. 21.01.08 for Rs. 7000/- as a personal loan on behalf of my credit card.

    I want to clear here one thing that I have not requested for the same and I AM SO SURPRISED THAT WITHOUT MY WRITTEN / VERBAL APPLICATION, the bank has issued a cheque for Rs. 7000/-.

    Now, I am very sorry to say that I am not interested to take a personal loan and for the same I have already registered a request for cancellation of the same vide request no. SR53442967 dated 25.01.08 (same date & time as I have received the cheque as 25.01.08 & time is 3.40 pm.).

    KINDLY CANCELL THE CHEQUE/DRAFT AS I am sending it back to you.
    As well I am not bother to pay you service charge and processing fees for the same.

    Thanks and Regards

    Vijay Sood
    #1614, Phase-2, Dugri
    Urban Estate,
    LUDHIANA – 141 013 (Punjab)
    Mb. : 94170 95956

  • Su
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    Hi Shyam,

    This has reference to our meeting (Dated April 10, 2008) regarding a personal loan (Ref # 59584254) for a sum of Rs. 50, 000/-, which is taking care by your sales manager Mr. Shakeb Iftikhar. I would like to thank you for debiting the amount in my ICICI Salary saving accout bearing # 022501511980, however I would further like to inform you that you have sanctioned a loan for Rs. 1, 20, 000/- (instead of Rs. 50, 000/-) and transferred the amount Rs. 1, 17, 369/- after deduction of Service charges & other taxes.

    As per our discussion, you have confirmed that I can use a sum of Rs.50, 000/- minus service charges & other taxes (approx Rs. 49, 000/-) and you will reverse the balance excess amount (approx Rs. 68, 000/-).

    Could you please confirm the exact amount of Instalment and the amount which I can use out of Rs. 1, 17, 369/-.

    Shakeb: Please confirm the process suggested by Mr. Shyam and I would like to request you to please resolve the above matter within 1 or 2 days, as this has already been delayed more than 15 days.

    Please forward this e-mail to Shakeb in case he has not received the same.

    Thanks for your co-operation.

    ...Sushil Rana

    Ref # 59584254
    Loan A/C # LPDEL00012828775
    A/C # 022501511980

  • An
      29th of May, 2008
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    i want the details of the my loan summary. Loan No. is LPGUW00007789329. And how many balance yet to be.

  • Ma
      2nd of Aug, 2008
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    ICICI bank cheated me in 2007.
    I got a call from ICICI bank last year offering me a loan amount of Rs. 1 lakh.

    I got the call from Miss Janet from the phone no 080-30200384.

    At that time some of my freinds got loan at 14% interest reducing rate.

    She offered me Rs. 1 lakh at 15% interest reducing rate.

    After a few day, their representative came to me to get the application signed.

    There were so many places to sign for me. I started signing the paper and suddenly saw that the rate of interest was written as 19% on the application form. I told him i am not willing to take the loan if it is more than 15% and asked him to return my papers (company id card xerox, address proof and so on)

    He said he will call back and went . Next day, Miss Janet again called me that the rate of interest was changed. I told her to return my papers. She called me again and offered me at 17%. i told her i dont want any loan and requested her to return my papers. She again called me and offered me at 15%. I told her what about the application form where the rate of interest is written as 19%. I told her to bring an new application form. She said it would be taken care of and it would be changed to 15%. I had not even signed at all the required locations of the application form. They didnt even bother to give me the acknowlegement reciept of the application form. The acknowledgement slip should have been torn from the application form and given to me.

    I never thought that ICICI would cheat me as I thought ICICI was a big brand.
    They even didnt bother to give me my loan ID and a customer copy of the aggrement or application form the reason being that I would come to know that they were actually charging me at 19% instead of 15%.
    They deducted the EMIs from my bank account every month automatically.

    In may 2008, I happend to call the bank to enquire how many more EMIs I needed to pay.
    Just by chance, I asked to reconfirm what the interest rate was. The customer care executive shocked me by telling that it was 19%. Since that day I have been calling them to reduce the amount and have spent a lot on my mobile bill. They gave me my Loan ID (LPNG00009952768) and sent me a xerox copy of the Application form. In the application form they had crossed 19% and changed to 17%. Again 17% was crossed and changed back to 19% again. In the space for EMI aslo they crossed and and changed the EMI amount. They refused to entertain me by saying that my loan was arranged by Agent chosen by ICICI and they have severed ties with the agent. I objected to that by saying that if they had authourised the agent to be their partner and the agent commits fraud, ICICI is responsible. At the time of giving the loan, they only said that they were from ICICI. Evevn now the acknowledgement slip of the application form is blank and i have the xerox copy which they sent to me last month.

    They now say that my signatures are there and they cannot change the rate to 15%. There is a signature near the area where 19% was changed to 17% and again changed back to 19%. I told them that the signature was not mine. They said they cannot change the interest rate under any circumstances. I told them I would file a case against the bank. Then aslo they said they wont change the interest rate.

    Not even in my wildest dreams, I never thought that ICICI would go so low and cheat their customers.

    It not only about money now. I want to teach them a lesson.

    Please give me any advice what steps I should take. Sould I consult a lawyer and report to media .

    Maibam Susanta Singh

  • Kr
      27th of Sep, 2008
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  • Di
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    i have asked about track of my existing personal loan but i have not got as yet



  • Ba
      14th of Oct, 2009
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  • Jp
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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  • Ch
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    Hi i been icici bank in kichlu nagaar, asking about my account detail in of last three months and there were a guy he demanding for money 500/- to giv detail. that is really sad and very bad experience with u guys.

    Chandan arya

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