ICICI Bankicici scam

M Nov 25, 2017

I am a customer with ICICI Bank, India. I received an alert today 06.11.2017 ( at about 3.06 am Indian Standard Time) on my mobile that a 3 transaction of Indian Rupees 66, 400 has been made on my debit card linked to my account This shows that there has been a purchase made from Aferry. I have not authorized the transaction and this transaction is completely illegal. I have not shared any details with any one still I am a victim

I have seen such fraudulent cases with icici only
Is there any action from ICICI ???

Now they say it will take 50 days as visa process .
As per RBI guidelines and visa chargeback the amount should be credited as complaint was filed on same day, but still icici bank have not credited amount

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