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ICICI Bank - Credit Card / cc shows pending even after account settled - remove my name from cibil report

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I am Sathyamurthy Iyer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I owned a credit 2 years back from Centurian Bank - CC No. - [protected]. Later recovery of credit cards was managed by ICICI bank and I had settled my credit card with ICICI Credit Card department in Sakar I, Ahmedabad office for INR Rs. 32, 800 (Ref/ICICIAHM/08-09/1208/67/FW/N/MAR). Even after two years of payment my account was liened last week for 2 days without any intimation. I was unable to withdraw any amount from account though my family was hospitalized. I have forwarded the request to your local credit card department at Sakar I, Ahmedabad. regarding the settlement and necessary information as required. And even after a week of the same, am informed that my name still shows in the RBI CIBIL report with pending amount for the credit card. It is my humble request to your bank that please remove the pending amount on my name from CIBIL report.

Please check your records properly and do the needful. Early reply to this email would be appreciable.

Thanking you,

Satya Iyer

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  • Ra
      12th of May, 2007
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    Icici Bank - Credit Card - Wrong credit card delivery

    As we all know that we usually get so many Phone Calls from Banks to Offer Us Credit Card and if you are interested then, Bank send their Executive to us. At that time they are not bother to come to your Office / Home at any time as per Customer's Convenience.

    With the same procedure I had applied for A "Solid Gold Credit Card" ( which has been offered to me by ICICI only & I knew I am eligible for the same ).

    But, I received "Silver Credit Card" through courier.

    When I contacted to Customer Care, I had been told that "You use Silver Credit Card and after 6 months you apply for Solid Gold Credit Card".

    Is this bad system of ICICI?

  • An
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    Icici Bank - Credit Card - Providing wrong information about product

    I am having credit card of ICICI bank. I use it regularly. Today I got call from ICICI Bank Kandivali East Mumbai branch regarding special offer for the loan.

    The lady on phone told me that ICICI bank is offering me loan of 10000 for year with easy installment of 12 without paying any extra interest or other charges except 150 Rs for transaction fee.

    Actually which was totally wrong and they were about to charge about 13% interest on amount paid as a loan on year bases. Total Due amount was coming around 11320 Rs.

  • Sa
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    Icici Bank - Credit Card - Received new card without request

    This is in reference to my ICICI credit card.

    Brief History:

    I have been using my ICICI credit card with aforementioned number for the past 3-4 years. I had an outstanding balance of 25,000 and have planned to settle the same in the month of June 2007. ICICI employee (unsure about name – think Tamizhan) from Chennai helped me settle and close this account for me. He called me 3-4 times in this regard and told I can go head with the settlement and should continue using the ICICI service. Initially i did not agree to the same but later he convinced me by telling, i will get a new card with higher credit limit. I was least interested in receiving and just wanted to cancel and close the account.

    He called me later in the day to inform about the settlement amount (sum of Rs.18000) and i would receive the settlement letter in a week’s time from Chennai office. In the meanwhile he pushed me to make the settlement amount by sending some one from Bangalore office. The day the bill collector visited my office, he called me from Chennai promising me that i would receive the letter on 5 July 2007 and i can give him a post dated cheque dated 5 July 2007. I trusted and gave the collector cheque (HDFC Bank – Chq no.289620 dt. 05/07/2007) and in return received the payment receipt with a receipt number C0507 3146285.

    Till this time, I did not receive any settlement letter and during the first week of Aug i received my new card with new card number. I was convinced that i now have the new card with a letter stating... "my old card is deactivated".

    Every month i receive SMS and call center calls asking me to pay my outstanding. I am trying to make people understand that this account is closed and I have paid the settlement amount. They close the call telling… they will inform Chennai office and get my letter soon.

    This morning (25 Sept 2007) a person visited my office telling he is from ICICI and i should pay him the outstanding. Later spoke to his manager in ICICI bank, MG road branch and he told they can give me the settlement letter but have to pay the difference. Which is current outstanding - what is waived out. I totally disagreed and felt cheated and told him to do what he wants but i can’t may this payment as this already settled.

    What i can’t understand here is he knows the credit given to me but cant issue the letter. This is a clear case of cheating the customer over phone and i have fallen prey to this kind of business ICICI is following to get the payout out from customers.

    If I have not opted to close my account, why did I receive a new card without my request?

    Anyone suggest.

  • Pu
      28th of Sep, 2007
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    ICICI banks credit card department is filled with cheats and frauds from all over the city here in Mumbai as well, my account was settled in the september of 2006 and its september 2007 now and i havent recieved my settlement letter. I had the settlement of 18000/- made on an outstanding amount of 25000/- which I agreed. The amount was paid but the letter never came. Now the outstanding is 54000/- approx and now i have completely denied payback because of this fraudulant expierience.
    ### I DONT CARE!!!

  • Sa
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    It is possible to remove my name from Default, because I have settled that amount and surrendered that card here with I have attached copy of the document as Proof for that…….

    Can you please guide me to approach for this…..

    Thanks in advance….

  • Ic
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    Dear Satya,

    We regret the inconvenience caused.
    We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

    ICICI Customer Service Team.

  • Ra
      18th of Jan, 2013
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    myself rahul sharma, i have my icici credit card, at the offering time bank said this intrest free cradit card after that also i clered my all pending paymnt.
    some of my personol issue i coudnt paid my credit card payment 2 or 3 emi bank didint informed me and they blocked my icici account so . this is not fair and they are charging 30000 rs extra on my credit card so please suggest my what should i do..
    i have to do settelment.

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