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ICICI Bank Credit Card / duplicate icici bank credit card - icici bank does not investigate

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Credit Card Fraud - Duplicate card.

This the case history:
Email sent to Mumbai Cyber Cell Department

Date: Aug 25, 2007 12:41 PM
Subject: Credit Card Fraud - Duplicate card Issue

Dear Sir,

My Name is Melwyn Victor D'souza resident of Mumbai. There were three fraud transactions done using my credit card on 23rd May 2007 in Pune. This was on a ICICI bank Card No: 5176-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX on which the fraud transactions were done which I got from EXPRESS IT courier serivce in my office on 22nd May 2007. The card was not used by me after I got it from EXPRESS IT courier service. I was in my office in Thane when the transaction was done. I got messages on my cell that someone has used my card at PIRAMYD RETAIL summed to a total of INR 21,953 (At this time i was not aware it was done in Pune) I immediately called ICICI customer care and blocked the card. On the next day 24th May 2007 I went to MIDC police station not aware that the transaction was done in Pune. I had a discussion with PI Mr Ghoorao. He told me to settle the issue with the bank. I also visited ICICI bank on the same day JB nagar branch. I had a talk with Gloria and Shala from ICICI they told me not to raise an FIR and the bank will reverse all the charges incurred. On the same day I called ICICI bank and raised a dispute and also came to know that the transaction was done in Pune. I could take some sigh of relief as I knew that I had all the proofs that I was in office and faxed the first dispute letter ( Attached Doc: First_Dispute_Letter_With_Fax_Txm_Rpt_(Entire Case History).pdf). I thought ICICI bank will investigate the case and give me a proper resolution but instead of doing that they told me that the dispute went in favour of the bank and I will have to pay the amount.

After this I again raised a dispute (Attached Doc: Second_Dispute_Letter_Sent_To_ICICI_via_blue_dart.pdf) and also sent them the evidences to prove that I did not do the transactions.
1. Attached Doc: Attendance_Logs_With_Email_Used_To_Generate_From_Office.pdf
2. Attached Doc: Sign_From_All_My_Office_Colleagues_And_Seniors.pdf
3. I called the ICICI CC department for the first time when received the SMS's for the transaction to block the card. I used the CVV number to generate a Telephone PIN which also proves that I had the card in Thane in my office from where I called when the fraud transaction was made.
4. The card which I possessed is a fresh card that I received from ICICI bank on the 22nd MAY 2007. Since it was a swipe transaction there has to be swipe marks on the card that should be evident as there were three swipes done on 23 rd MAY 2007. But the card which It does not have the swipe marks. This proves that it is a fraud transaction. Please note that I still possess the card with me till date to also prove this.

During this period I also got Charge slips of the fraud transactions from ICICI bank which had all different signatures and signatures which are not mine.( Attached Doc: Charge_Slips_Of_Fruad_Trans_From_ICICI_Charge_Back_Dept.pdf). Also I had been getting calls from collections department to make the payment but I always told them that ICICI bank charge back department is investigating the case. After I got the charge slips from ICICI bank I visited MIDC police station on 3rd Aug 2007 with the evidences and letters sent to ICICI bank. They told me that since the fraud was done in pune which is out of MIDC police station jurisdiction I will have to put an FIR in Pune. They told me that they are ready to give an letter that states that I had visited MIDC police station on 24th May 2007 and 3rd Aug 2007 to discuss the case (I have the letter with me signed by MIDC police station PI one copy is with MIDC police station - taken on 23rd Aug 2007). Before this I was constantly getting calls from ICICI bank to make the payment.After this I visited ICICI bank JB nagar branch and had a talk with Mr Sanjay Pal on 21st Aug 2007 and showed him all the evidences he told me that he will take care of it and assured me that I will not be getting any calls from collections department. On 23rd Aug 2007 I again got a call from ICICI bank collections dept on 23rd August by Mr Vijay who told me that I have to make the payment of INR 21953 + Interest charges. On the same day I went to ICICI bank JB nagar branch and took my mother with me, my mother started shouting in the ICICI bank office and ICICI bank officials sent lady named Veena to talk with me and my mom and calm us down and who listened to our plea. After this she assured me that I wont get any calls from ICICI bank collections department. Also she called her boss Mr Krishna R he saw all the evidences and told me that he will look in to the matter and told that it will take some time to resolve the issue. He took all the letters and evidences plus a charge back form to resolve the issue.

I have been taking so much care in sending ICICI bank with all the evidences but ICICI bank does not respond to it and doesnot do proper investigation of the case. They might give me false promises. Suspecting this Immediately rushed to Pune with my mother to lodge and FIR in Bund garden police station who directed me to Council hall police Chowky. Listening to my case the PI of the police chowky directed me to Commissioner of Police, Cyber Cell department. I immediately rush to Cyber cell department where I had a talk with PI Mr. Kale. He saw all the proofs that I possessed with the unused card and told that the suspect could be either ICICI bank or Courier service EXPRESS IT. He told that it is a credit card cloning case and ICICI bank could have seen the CCTV logs present in Piramyd retail, Pune after I had raised a dispute with all the explanations on 24th May 2007. He also told me that I could have visited Cyber cell mumbai to lodge a complaint but I was unaware of this. I gave him a signed complaint against ICICI bank and EXPRESS IT courier with all the evidences. He told me that I may have to visit Pune if in case I am required and I told him that I will be more than happy to do that. He also directed me to talk to Mr. Mukhtar Shaikh, PSI from Mumbai Cyber Cell Dept.

I will also visit Cyber cell mumbai in next week to provide all the letters and evidences. And also to discuss the case and catch hold of the fraudster.

ICICI bank instead of investigating the case is giving me threatning calls to make the payment of INR 21,953 + Interest Charges. I didnot do the transactions and I will not make any payment.

I really appreciate the way Mumbai Police and Pune Police has seen my case. Thank you very much.

Attached Files (Zipped):
1. First_Dispute_Letter_With_Fax_Txm_Rpt_(Entire Case History).pdf
2. Second_Dispute_Letter_Sent_To_ICICI_via_blue_dart.pdf
3. Attendance_Logs_With_Email_Used_To_Generate_From_Office.pdf
4. Sign_From_All_My_Office_Colleagues_And_Seniors.pdf
5. Charge_Slips_Of_Fruad_Trans_From_ICICI_Charge_Back_Dept.pdf

Melwyn D'souza
Cell - [protected]

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  • Ra
      23rd of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Hi ,

    I am also facing same problem, infect I have called them so many time but they did not blocked the card. and even not ready to share his process and procedure through which they investigate. I feel so help less cant do any thing against them, I wish some one come forward and advise us how we can take this case forwarded against them.

  • Sh
      31st of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes


    I faced the same problem in 2007. The bank had issued a Add on card to someone who i did not even know. There were 2 cash withdrwals in the card and soon after, as i saw my online statement, I requested the bank to block the card.

    The bank suggested that I pay all money. I refused and furnished all possible evidence suggesting that the card was issued to someone I did not even know. Someone from the bank visited me twice and later the collection guys came and threatened me for the money. WHen i tried to call the police, they ran away and never came back.

    Even 2 years later I am receiving calls from the bank saying that they will send me summons and all that. I am decided that will not pay for the bank's foolishness of issuing add on cards. But the only problem is that my credit history is tarnished with The credit card bureua and i am not able to get any other credit card since last 2 years.

    I was an ICICI patron before that. But this really was the worst thing a bank can do.

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