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These people need to seriously take a course in customer service. They are rude, talk over you and even sometimes raise their voice. I have flat out told this company several times that I'm currently out of work and have no income at all coming in and getting ready to lose car and apartment...I told them I will pay when I start working. They continue to call and the other night, one employee had me so upset I started having chest pains. It should be illegal for them to call and upset people the way they do. I told him I worked in collections for 6 years and I knew the rules. I told him to quit calling and contact me by mail only...he said that wasn't how it worked. They continue to call no matter what. Like the previous person, I just won't answer my phone. There is a recession going on, haven't they heard?! How can you set up a payment plan when you have no income at all coming in! I would not even talk to these people on the phone. They are beyond being able to discuss anything rationally. Of course, they have a job and they're getting made so I"m sure they don't care! I go hope someone puts them out of business! My next step is to contact companies that I know of that they do business for!

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      Feb 20, 2010

    Internet / Phone Bullies
    Because attempting that ### face to face could be downright detrimental to your health.

    Just Trolling :0)

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