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I had a Target REDCard, and then I was scammed by ACN, a multi-level marketing business. They had gone against their policy to refund the $500 charge they made to my card. I called Target National Bank to let them know, and they not only refused to give me their dispute hotline number, they hung up on me when I got over to the dispute dept. This all started in July of 2008. I was even paid up til I had that $500 charge and told them I needed it taken off since I was Scammed.


When I was first called by I.C. System, they explained to me that Target National Bank had sold my debt to them, and they were demanding a payment. I tried to gently explain (I'm kind of easy to set off at times) that I had no job and wasn't able to find one no matter how hard I was looking. I explained to them that I was also a college student getting a scholarship to go to school and then my parents helped out with the rest of my tuition, books, and rent.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Eugene, ORThey then asked me why my parents couldn't help pay my debt, and I let them know that my parents are people who aren't needed to be involved because they not only aren't full of money, one of them is looking for a job! I was then told to "go to Mommy and Daddy" for money, then they hung up.
I finally have a job in Distribution, and am being paid by contract. I have NO idea when I'm going to be paid. My cell phone is now a work phone because I'm also giving music lessons, which isn't working so well, but my phone is now a work phone at all times nonetheless.
I received a call from them during my work hours, and I told them that Oregon had passed a law which states that: Debt collectors may not call the debtor during employment hours or at place of employment more than once per week. They laughed at me saying "Do you seriously think that's what the state law says!?" then hung up.
They have harassed me to the point of blowing up numerous times, and sometimes, they have made me cry because I just wanted things to stop.
Future Plans:
I am currently filling out an Oregon Dept of Justice Consumer Complaint Form. I still have not had the $500 charge taken off (it's almost been a year since it's June of 2009, and I hope I.C. System gets what's coming to them...

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      Jun 27, 2009

    Argh, they're located in St. Paul, MN. I thought they were asking for my location when the call was made.. My bad guys!

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