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Hydro One


Outrageous billing

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Hyrdo One
Sydenham, Ontario
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Hydro One billing is excessive and unreasonable. How is one to live and attempt to dig themselves out of debt when they cannot get ahead due to hydro ones pricing. The government needs to step up and reduce the amount of money it is STEALING from innocent people trying to make a living. Hydro is a necessity in todays world and therefore should be more reasonably priced. $900 for a single month? their excuse is a reading error? They demand this money or your cut off. Oh and god forbid you have a late payment or else they will add a $800 security deposit. If one is struggling to make the usage payment, how are they suppose to come up with the funds for a security deposit. Going to have to sell the house I guess. What kind of economic stimulus are these outrageous hydro billings?
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A  24th of Jan, 2010 by    +2 Votes
We are in the same boat. Hydro One scam is what they are. Don't turn to the OEB either. Their all in bed together. Our billing every month is like another mortgage payment. Call the customer service "rep" and you get "that is normal" we estimate based on previous years. When we asked if perhaps a problem was happening in previous years, the rep stutters and then offers us advise on how we can conserve. Well, our method of conserving is to freeze our butts off in the winter not because of a "green" initiative but because we can't afford to be warm in our house but thankfully we are contributing unwillingly to a greener tomorrow. We owe over 1400.00 to Hydro for two months worth of wearing extra sweaters, using one heater to heat our entire home and telling our kids...well at least you will be warm at school---you can de-thaw there. I've complained to Hydro so many times and get nowhere...my last question, I paid 8000.00 last year to you people for hydro that we barely even use...can you at least use part of that money and send someone to check out if the problem might be on your end...nope, afraid not. We are a monopoly...we can do what we want. Good luck...no one wants to take on the HYDRO company...OEB - NADDA, they file a complaint and then close it. Check out the complaints statistics on their website. It has increased every year. Someone there is not doing their job either. TOO busy approving the increase in delivery rate charges and loss line charges because THAT is money in their pocket. So sell the house and move to an apartment. Some poor sucker will buy your house and because kwh usage is based on previous years, they will continue the trend. Good luck everyone - Write to the ONTARIO Ombudsman...the more complaints they get, the more it becomes a provincial problem and they have to investigate.
A  15th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
So true and so frustrating!! HOW can you budget with bills like this!!!???????
A  29th of Mar, 2010 by    -3 Votes
Well, we got that dreaded call today they are disconnecting us... after trying to make payment arrangements and slipping through the hydro system a couple times during the winter months they finally caught up to us ..This story I imagine is some what like so many who have lost their homes etc because of the economy etc ..My husband's EI ran out there are no jobs out there .. the odd small reno here and there basically pays for gas in the van and a few meals.I'm working 3 days a week that's suppose to be full time... How in the hell can we live our morgage payment is 1200.00 and we get this 8000.00 hydro bill yearly thats more than I make at the 3 days a week I'm making ...We have asked them to look into our hydro ...maybe change the metre maybe check the lines I don't know but we dont run anything different than anyone else a PC washer dryer hell we even unplugged our freezer, we have a stove a fridge a tv .. no hot tubs or central air..we dont even us fans in the summer if we can help it anything with a motor runs up your hydro ... coffee pot is limited as well were getting disconnected because back in Feb they wanted us to Pay 6000.00 and we told them we could give them 2500.00 they said yes please do but we unfortunatly will still have to disconnected you so we opt out of paying and purchased a generator ..and 2 tanks of gas fror when that days comes ..we cant pull money out of our ### and these bills are outrageous...who can help us talk to your MP they cant do ### ... Hydro one just passes the Buck so to speak ...were getting disconnected and there is nothing we can do and no way of coming up with money to pay this ...I dont want to go back to oil lantern days but we may have no choice ...it cost us 270.00 a month just to get hydro to our place ...and we live 3 miles outside of a town and we have neibours their bills are no where close to mine ...OMG someone help us
A  15th of Apr, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I have the same problem as all of you. A vicious circle of high bills and charges, late payments, extensions, disconnection notices and ultimately a security deposit of $750! I did eventually manage to get the money together for the last bill. They called me at 1.30pm and told me if I didn't pay them $872 by 2pm they would disconnect me. I had no vehicle and am 7 months pregnant with very little cash so I had to go through the embarrasment of asking a neighbour to lend me the cash and take me into town to pay the bill. So I did all that and faxed a confirmation of the payment. I called them to see if they got the fax and they hadn't. The next morning they turned up to cut me off! So even when you do things their way the paperwork gets lost and you're still under threat. I don't need the stress right now on top of everything else. I'm wondering if you are, in a legal capacity, able to ask for your security deposit back. Does anyone know?
A  19th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
ohhh my, i am so in the same boat.
im renting an apartment for $550 plus the food prices here in northern ontario is crazy and outrageous.
guess how much Bill i have? $1429 for two months. because they "estimated" my previous bills too low the previous months.
well it wasnt my fault that their "people" are too lazy to check on the meter.
only me and my 5 year old daughter live in this small house. we sleep early so as to save the energy.
we turn off all the lights and only keep one heater on during the rigid nothern winter.
after all my budgeting, i realized that i have $20.50 left to buy for my groceries for the month.
this is soooo unfair. i am working my A** off for hydro. this is outrageous.
we are not even in the house during the day as my daughter goes to school and i work.
A  26th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am writing like everyone else about my extremely high hydro bills. I am renting a small 3 bedroom home in a very small village 15 min outside Shelburne Ont, I've been here for just over four years, and it seems just over the past 2yrs my hydo bills are just way to high. Every month my bills have been well over $250.00, even in the summer I still pay well over $200.00 a month(total bill). Last winter I went through 5 tanks of oil, had my deep freezer plugged in, and a extra heater plugged in., and I maybe payed the most just over $300.00 a month (still too high). This winter was mild, I'm still on my second tank of oil, my deep freezer has not been plugged in for about three months, and I have a small energy saving heater, and since my bills are high, we as a family do pretty good with trying to cut back on hydro, but I guess not good enough, my bill for one month Jan to Feb was $721.38, they say the actual reading was 151(kwh)average electricity used per day. Over the past few months I was giving hydro $200-$300 a month to get caugt up, now I owe over $1400.00, and I will never get caught up, I fell behind in other bill just to make them happy. I do my washing always in cold water, I work midnights so I sleep all day while my kids are at school, so for over 6hrs only very little hydro is being used.It's not doing any good to talk with hydro, because they are right, and my smart meter is never wrong, my MPP is no help, and I know I will be recieving another disconnection notice soon, I don't know what else to do? Denise from Honeywood
N  29th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Unreal! Reading these complaints at least lets me know that I am not alone. They say to me - it is my useage - not the cost. Although my house is 18 months old, all my appliances with the except of one small chest freezer are 18 months old, yet the $340 per month for hydro is because we are excessive in our use of electricity!! They refuse to send someone out to check the "Smart" meter...where the hell do we turn with this problem? All my other neighbours are paying a fraction of what I am paying...are they not cooking or washing and drying their clothes ? The rep at Hydro One said - everyone uses their things differently. My last house was 1000 sq feet bigger, was 110 years old, and there were 5 of us living in it - there are only three living here now and my usage is apparently twice as much as it was there. What are we supposed to do???? They are impossible to deal with!
N  11th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am starting a class action suit against hydro one. Have a law firm eager to go. Please come to h1ripoff.blogspot.com and send me an email so I can get you in the list. The more we have with more evidence the better.

Richard Wakefield
N  11th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
What Jack Booted monopolists they are.
Today was my wake up call. I just heard from my wife that Hydro showed up at my door with and order to collect $1442.00 or disconnect. I was also informed that my neighbor was also disconnected in very much the same fashion moments later. No advance warning, no "notice to disconnect" in the mail and not a soul at Hydro will listen. Hydro One has delt with us with the knowledge that each winter it's been the same, in that we wait for the income tax returns to come in to pay the balance of the winter Hydro bills off.
However high they were I never complained about Hydro costs although I did every thing I could to explore why my costs were so high. I requested a billing history to look for a pattern to no avail, I've Relamped to CFL's, upgraded my appliances, turned myself into a "electrical waste Nazi"- turning every light in the house off other than one in the room we were in. Heating only the room we occupy with a small cost effective space heater, washing clothes in cold, hanging them to dry, I even turn the shower off when I lather up.
There appears to be no way to tame this dragon we call Hydro One. Why do I have to pay for cost recovery? I've been living in Ontario and a client of Ontario Hydro in one incarnation or another for 28 years, seems to me I have never been allowed to escape a payment in all that time, yet the Ontario Government allows that priviledge to be bestowed on Hydro One Networks. (Therefor the need for "Cost Recovery")

I'm going to explore my legal rights as it seems unfair that they can take such action without prior notice. Really, do you keep $1500.00 on hand? Of COURSE YOU DON'T.
A  17th of Jul, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have read many horror story about Hydro One's ridiculour billings but I have seen anything, anywhere that offers of potential resolution. Surely, there must be something that can be done.

For myself, I received a bill back in September or October for about $1, 000 and just got another ridiculous one for $2, 700.

It's absolutely ridiculous. To make matters worse, they even sent a technician to check the meter only to tell us that there was nothing wrong.

Get real! I lived for 30 years in Vancouver and never got that kind of billing. Yes, there was adjustments now and of a rew hundred dollars but NEVER $1, 000.

Something is most definitely wrong perhaps it's time to go down to the Ontario parliament with the guilitine and cutoff a few heads. After all the French Revolution only occurred because of people abuse!

Oh I forgot! We elected these damn idiots but what choice do we have.
N  17th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Romus, you need to get your bills together for as far back as you have and put them in a spreadsheet with the following columns:

Year, month, consumption, estimate/actual

Then email it to me and I'll add you to my database of victims. jrwakefield@mcswiz.com

See my blog at h1ripoff.blogspot.com
N  18th of Jul, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Thanks JR I will do just that.
N  9th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
COMPLAINT 1...this is what really bothers us...why are consumers paying


Why should consumer's pay for mis-management of funds at the executive level of the former Ontario Hydro. It certainly should have been collected from the executives who walked away with our money.

COMPLAINT 2...years ago when hydro was established, I believe in Niagara Falls, the politicians of Ontario at that time agreed to leave ownership of hydro to the province and/or the people of the province, as opposed to selling off to private companies...Now the government has no control over all these extra costs, because it appears to be totally privatized.
Who are the SUPPLIERS??? Give us names??? Is it Spain, like the 407? Exactly WHO gets the money for...ELECTRICITY...DELIVERY...REGULATORY CHARGES...DEBT RETIREMENT CHARGE??????
N  10th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have NEVER been cut off from HYDRO I have been late twice..& NOW I receive A security Deposit of notice of $695.00 ...WTF ...WHY am I paying this ..I have ALWAYS paid my bill NEVER been cut off NEVER had a Reconnection fee...& in the letter it states"To ensure all customers are treated equally, the Ontario Energy Board provided guidelines to all electricity distributors on how to apply security deposits across Ontario. Security deposits are collected to guarantee payment of future charges and may be collected when a customer initially applies for service or fails to maintain a good payment history.

PARDON ME because I may pay a little late BUT when I do Pay I ALWAYS PAY MORE THEN WHAT was owed... they send me this bullcrap...

I am so pissed I am thinking I will take from my savings acct. & get solar panels 2 run my house that way I am OFF THE FRIGGIN RIP OFF GRID!!!
N  10th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
TICKEDINTOTT, forget solar panels. I've looked into it. Two just won't cut it. You need at least 20, plus some 60 batteries to store power for night time and cloudy days. The system I saw had that, costs $30, 000 to set up and supplied only 20% of the home's demand. The system cannot handle high demand appliances like ranges, pumps, or water heaters. Those kill the batteries. Oh, and the batteries only last some 6 years and have to be replaced at $350 each, 60 plus of them.
A  19th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have had monthly bills totalling $1500.00!!! I have called time and time again to Hydro One wanting an explanation for the outrageous billing! I have had a licenced electrician check to load coming into the house...with everything on only 70 amps...for a 200amp service! Even he thinks the smart meter is incorrect! All Hydro One has done for me is send me a graph of my monthly consumption...which goes off the charts the month the smart meter is installed...a monkey can figure out that there is a huge problem! I also refused to pay the ridiculous bills until they send out someone to run a diagnostic and figure out what the problem is...all to be met with a disconnect notice...and now a security deposit bill of $1200.00!!! I just called them and told them that I will have to decide to have electricity or to feed my children...I will be contacting the Ontario Ombudsman with a complaint as well as my local MPP...maybe even a lawyer. People should consider a class action lawsuit!!!
A  19th of Aug, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Hi. That's where I'm going with evidence like yours. Please contact me jrwakefield@mcswiz.com. I need your numbers as evidence. See my blog at h1ripoff.blogspot.com. I'd like to post this as a Horror Story

Richard Wakefield
A  14th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am a senior living on the wonderful pension of 1, 300 per month that the government deems adequate...I just went through the same B/S re securiety deposit etc. due to owing 10.00 from the prior billing period and I was late with the payment. My MPP's office helped this time but I will be on my own this winter. I think a class action suite is the only answer, along with dumping Mcguinty in the nearest landfill come election day!!!
A  21st of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am also in the same boat with the rest of you. I rented a house for 4 years. I thought our Hydro bills were very high compared to others with Same size house occupancy Appliances etc.. The last year we were there. When trying to make payment arrangements a Hydro one customer service rep noticed we were being charged the Commercial rate not the residential rate we didn't even know. It is not our fault someone goofed at Hydro one when setting up our account. But all Hydro one would do was correct the current bill. I sent letters I complained to no avail. They sent out a notice just the Month before that they had been granted an increase they applied for year previous and they were retroactively charging all customer for that past year but it would be spread out over the next year. My question is how come they are allowed to go back and get Money they did not bill us for through that year but they cannot retroactively correct my billing for more than that current month??? Now we moved and have the account under another Family Members Name because I refused to pay what "they said I owed if anything they owed me money for 4 years of over billing!! we have moved to a farm property but we are not using it as a farm it is strictly residential. I have read what qualifies for the farm rate and we do not. We should be billed residential! I made them aware of that when we got our first bill (which took them over 3 months to bill us) they said they needed proof from my landlord I did that. Nothing Changed. I complained 3 more times throughout the year and all they kept saying was they had to send someone out to assess that still nothing changed. Then all of the sudden in June I got a whopper bill of over 2, 700.00 !!! It seems They had not read my meter since Oct/09 and they finally read the Meter May 2010 and they had grossly underestimated my bill based on what the farm rate which I should be being charged? I am sure the previous tenants were paying residential. a week later i got a disconnection notice. I called them and since they sent out the last bill in june for up to May I still had more charges coming so they said I had 1 month to come up with now over $3, 200.00 . I said I am sure you can appreciate I do not have $3, 000 just laying around. I came up with $1, 000 to show good faith but they still cut me off. I have been using as Gas generator ever since. It is costing me about $150 in gas per week. I can only run so much off it at the same time. We have had some cold night here already so I can only run one oil filled heater and 1 small heater in the late evening into the night. before i was only using the Gen during the day. I use for a hot plate Micro wave Fridge and my washer Tv, computer and a few lights at night. but I would shut the generator off at night. But with the weather getting colder i will have to run it at night I am sure the Gas will start costing me well over $200 a week! at that rate I will never get this bill paid off and my Hydro reconnected. The winter is coming, and I have no hope. This Ont government has got to go!!! they have hit us with the HST the ecco fee and They Charge an ENV fee of $2.75 for a set of $10 lap top speaker that is almost 30% !! the cost of food is through the roof! Utilities carry like another rent or mortgage Payment we were hard at our jobs and we are not welfare recipients but we have nothing to show for it This Liberal Gov has got to go all they do is tax and spend. I don't know what we are going to do!
A  29th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
In August my husband and I were attending a funeral and went home after being at the wake to let our dogs out before we were going back to the hall. HydroOne shows up and says I have a few minutes to get to a phone and pay a 700.00bill from now and a 800.00 from 1997 as well as a deposit or I was going to be disconnected right then and there. I flipped out! I told the guy I was going to pay it and that furthermore until I had a chance to call he was not to come into my yard. So I called and payed the 1st bill and the guy left. Sometime later I called to further investigate the outrageous bill and the rep tells me that I was disconnected in August and because I still have power I have tampered with their equipment and they were sending people to investigate the theft. WHAT THE HECK? I don't even know how to hook up a dvd player and now I'm tampering with Hydro Meters?? I tried to plead my case and still they sent a team out who disconnected me by sawing through the lines. So now I'm trying to get my hydro back as the winter is quickly approaching and I live in Northern Ontario and I call up Hydro to ask them what my next steps were. I paid an outstanding balance and then the rep tells me because I "tampered with the power" that I would now have to have an inspector come and pass my electrical before I could even get hydro. I cried and even begged for them to beleive me that I did NOT tamper with anything and that maybe they should investigate further and that maybe someone made an error somewhere within the Hydro company. NOPE - not the case.. they said they already did their investigation and because my hydro was not disconnected in August I had somehow tampered with the meter and now there was nothing they could do until I had an inspector in. I am currently waiting for my EI to start - I have 14 weeks of benefits owed to me (sickness benefits) and after that I have to look for work. In the mean time my family has no hydro and winter is coming fast. I don't know what I am going to do. I dont have 800 for the 1997 bill that is owed for that property and I dont have an 800 deposit. I dont even have 1.00 to my name. I am running out of hope and slowing falling into a deeper depression. I am scared, cold, hungry, worried about what to do next and alone. Thank you HydroOne - you have officially placed me in situational and financial crisis.

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