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Hi, my daughter received an email today for a job interview at your Baldivis store after submitting applications to all stores in our area. Naturally we as parents were happy for her to have an interview for the possible chance of her finding part time work while she is still at school. The problem is that the interview is scheduled for 430pm on the evening of her Yr 12 School Ball which starts at 6pm. The expense already outlaid for this event alone is around $350, not including hair/ makeup to come on the day, and cannot be changed or recouped.
My daughter called the Baldivis store @415pm to see if she could change the interview time/day to accommodate for the formal as she would not have the time to attend the interview, get ready for the formal and arrive with her friends in a limmo at the venue. She was told that the interview time/date couldn't be changed. Her mother called back @15min later, spoke to a different manager and was told it couldn't be changed as that was the only day available and someone was coming down from head office.
We are appalled that our daughter has been put in this position of having to choose between her formal or this interview and your companies lack of flexibility, compassion and understanding as you have deprived her of the opportunity of possible employment and personal growth.

Mar 20, 2017

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