Hungry Jack's Australiachicken burger

Yesterday and last 2 weeks I purchased Grilled Chicken Burgers from Golden Grove, Mt. Gambier and Port Augusta branches. I was hoping I would get a Grilled Chicken Burger which is the only burger I eat but instead I received a burger containing a dried up tasteless piece of chicken it was like chewing on cardboard. What has happened to the Grilled Chicken burger I used to buy that was juicy and delicious? It's hard to believe that you can take it off the menu and replace it with a Cardboard Fowl Chicken Burger whoever changed this item on your menu has got rocks in their head. The burgers are not better at Hungry Jacks - The burgers are bloody awful at Hungry Jacks. Please bring back the original Grilled Chicken Burger, when you do I will return. Marilyn Stewart

Hungry Jack's Australia
Hungry Jack's Australia

Dec 07, 2018

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