Humanareferral process for service connected disabled veteran

Two trips to ER over the last month. ER unable to do anything for the issue other than encourage him to explain to Humana he had a treatment team with the military doctors that were familiar with his specific case. Humana will not refer person to this group of doctors citing "they are full" despite this patient was already a patient at this group, has severe medical issue history of over 20 years and 11 surgeries. Humana person intercepts email to PCM (primary care manager no longer known as Primary Care Physician) about the issue and refers him to Humana phone line. Humana phone line is designed to intercept calls to specialty clinic/military doctors so he cannot communicate issue for doctors to assist in resolving. (Did I mention the issue involved internal bleeding while all of this is going on??) When seen face-to-face, PCM explained she cannot assist Humana in resolving the issue. Humana's first referral was to a non-existent doctor, this means the person named never worked at that particular clinic, no one ever heard of the person. Second referral is to another doctor who is non-existent. Doctor of a similar name- different middle name and different specialty listed in the area. Phone number and address for this person was also different. A message has been left with that doctor's office, but no call has been returned. (Still in pain and possibly bleeding here...)

  • Updated by Jenwashere, Jul 31, 2018

    Problem remains unresolved.

Jul 31, 2018

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