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Lexington, KY, United States
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I was seen at the cancer center today my HGB is 7.1 My oncologist gave an order for 2 blood transfusions. These 2 transfusions are desperately needed. I called customer service to ask why it is going to take 48 plus hours to receive approval for these two transfusions. An African American female answered the phone. Her first name is Danielle she was rude nasty and hung up when I questioned her. She stated it was out of network so no authorization. I response you do not have a Cancer Center in network that can provide the treatment needed for my cancer. Her response was you can't have authorization. My response is : so you are going to let a man die because you won't give authorization. I ask to speak to a supervisor she said they are at lunch it was 1:38 PM. I ask for her name she replied I don't give out that information. However I wrote her first name down when she answered the phone. I ask for an ID number then since she refused to give me her last name. She hung up ! WHAT RUDE NASTY PEOPLE YOU HAVE WORKING FOR HUMANA! PLUS YOU WILL NOT PROVIDE NEEDED CARE TO SAVE A PERSONS LIFE! I am reporting this to the federal insurance commission. Plus putting it all over the internet.

Jun 28, 2016

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