Hughesnet / phone service and sales

When I signed up for internet and phone service I was told by two sales people that the price would be $59.95 for 3 months and then 79.94 after that.They both also said my contract would be for 1 year. I have no complaint whatsoever about the internet service but their .phone service totally sucks. Everyone tells us that they can not understand us and that our voices sound muffled. I have complained and was told that everything was fine on their end. I called on their tech support to have the phone service canceled and was told I would have to pay a $128.00 early termination fee because my contract was for 2 years. I made this call at 9:28 am on 4/4/2016. I have complained about the phone service several times. When customer support transfers me to tech support, recognition puts me on hold and I lose them. As far as resolution goes I just want my phoneservice canceled with no added fees.

Apr 04, 2016

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