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Hughesnet Internet / fraud

1 The CountryJackson, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1 800 555 crap

Hughesnet commercials all over tv promising great service, faster e-mails and better than dial up. Its all a farce and you are being warned right now. Initially it seems like you done the right thing even with the outrageous price and the 2 year contract. Yes once you realize what a rip off you are stuck with a 70 to 100 $ bill for 2 years. Here's what happened to make you mad to no end and I mean no end. If you are like me you like to watch youtube video's or browse myspace for new bands. After about 10 video's or 10 songs you lose service for 24 hours. They call it fap (fair access policy) and for 20$ more a month they will do away with it. If its the slightest bit cloudy, rain or snow your service slows down actually slower than dial up. That has nothing to do with fap. I have wrote to two ohio senators and the attorney general and still nothing has happened to force them to own up to their advertizing which is clearly false. I'm telling you all now if you are thinkig of hughesnet you better wipe that thought from your mind. It will keep you mad and on the phone to india daily. Keep your dial up until they run new lines in your area and they are going to because the old lines are going out and becoming useless. So unless you can live with 60 minutes of internet service a day for 70 to 100 a month go ahead and waiste your money and time. Download 10 pictures and you are done for 24 hours. Don't think for a second that you will be downling any movies it just won't happen. Hughesnet is crap and proof of that is all over this message board. If this is not enough google it. Hughesnet fraud.

You have been warned

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