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Hughesnet / Direcway / Wild Blue / customer beware!

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I've read up on all the complaints posted by consumers on hughesnet, direcway and so forth and I just want to put my two cents in.

First off, I live in the armpit of Arkansas, down in a valley, next to a lake. DSL comes within five miles of our house but they won't extend it into our subdivision. Having been made to feel like a hobbit living under the grassy knoll, I tried dial-up. Unfortunately, the phone lines in my area were supplied within six months of the invention of the telephone, hence they are only slightly less useful than Morse code when it comes to telecommunication.

I lost my $65K job in January of 2005, one month after buying the house, so as you can imagine we were pretty much in deep doo-doo. I had to find work fast and I had worked as a medical transcriptionist at home in the past so I looked into that. Everything was gravy except no dial-up. You had to have broadband.

So my fun began at direct way. The installation cost $650, which I had to borrow from my mother, plus another $150 for something, I can't remember now, and it ended up being a sum total of over $700 charged to her credit card (which of course I paid back). The service was $59.99 a month but I was promised better than dial-up speeds.

Okay, first things first, they had to move the dish within six months because the ### who installed it didn't realize it will not broadcast through a mass of pine trees. They did not caulk the holes in the roof of my house so now the roof leaks, something of which we were not aware until after a heavy rain in 2006 and the ceiling caved in. They won't take responsibility for it, so we're just out of luck there.

So now they've made more holes in the roof of a two-story house, angled the dish appropriately so that there are no trees in the immediate range, and we're good to go, right?

Wrong. If a flock of birds flies between the dish and the selected satellite we're out of service for at least ten minutes. One cloud, one lousy cloud and we might as well hang it up. God forbid that it should rain, snow, mist, hail, sleet or the humidity increases.

Alrighty, so I lived with that crap, not being able to connect to my $59.99 per month internet at least 35% of the time, for a year. I was frustrated but at least I was working.

Then the 7000 upgrade came out and I could get the equipment for nothing. Woo hoo. I could live with that. So I called, asked for the upgrade, got it, installed it (using the power cord from the 6000) and voila - my service turned to crap within two weeks.

I unfortunately sold the 6000 on ebay so I don't have it anymore or I'd hook that back up.

All this time I really thought the equipment was bad, or I was an idiot, but come to find out it hasn't been the equipment or me all this time. It's been the FAP!!! Fair Access Policy, which limits daily downloads to 200 mb. Just saying that out loud gives me a wave of nausea. 200 mb a day for $59.99 a month.

We are also wedding photographers. I require a bit of bandwidth to upload web albums and the like, they aren't huge mind you, really very reasonable flash files, but I do require that from time to time.

I went for two days without internet in the last week just to "cycle" the system and allow me to have faster speeds for the weekend. Technical support told me a week ago that between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. EST that I could download anything I wanted. He said "that'd be 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. your time. I didn't pay any attention but before I could blink again had my windows automatic updates set to 5 a.m. so I could avoid using my pittance of 200 mb a day.

So I'm thinking yay me, hughesnet is actually trying to help.

I live in CST. He was mistaken. He should have said 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. for me. I used up all my 200 mb allowance and was shut down again for OVER 24 hours this time. The next day, oddly enough, same thing.

I've already reported them to the BBB of Arkansas, the Attorney General's office of Arkansas and am thinking of finding some other regulatory agency to gripe at. I understand their frustration but they need to sell monthly GB packages. If you overuse, you pay packages. Something like that.

Everyone on hughesnet, give me a holler. I think we need to get up a gang and lynch them!

p.s. I'm using NetZero to post this as my hughesnet is down AGAIN.

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  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2007
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    I completely agree, i have hughesnet mainly because cable was too expensive, but honestly being able to actually USE my internet seems worth the high cable costs. once i hit the download limit it takes 5 to ten minutes to load up google. GOOGLE. Lousy F.A.P.

    But hey we get to download unlimited in the middle of the night.yay

  • Bi
      27th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I moved to the Appalchian mountains so I have a similar problem. I called Direct TV and asked for bundled services for internet--I talked to some clearing house in India but they never told me I wasn't talking to Direct TV. They promised free installation, equipment etc for both TV and internet. They needed a partial payment for the first month so I stupidly gave them my visa for a $30 approved charge. They then turned around and sold my contract to Wild Blue. Wild Blue charged my visa $400 for the "free" equipment. I still haven't gotten that reversed--been fighting it since August. They also started charging my visa for the monthly bill and refused to give me a statement. I canx my visa and told them I would only send them a check--no more charges to the visa. They cut me off internet. Direct TV, inspite of setting the installation up, refuses to acknowlege responsibility for giving away my visa # without authorization. Satalite internet is a huge ripoff and we should ban together to fight it. I just retired for medical reasons and had to give up my home in Florida (foreclosure)--I sure as !@#$ couldn't afford that $400 and would NEVER have authorized it. And the "service", when I had it was terrible! When you put a bull in with a cow you say the bull is servicing the cow--Wild Blue definitely serviced me!

  • Dt
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    you will be lucky if you get the help your looking for from hughes i have the same system and i was told i would be able to download a certin amount of mb a day i can but i have to wait till 3 am and use it till 6 am and it still is not in the mb per second more like a phone line i also have a sprint wifi card witch is the same price per month and even on cloudy days with poor signals i get 100% better download speeds and im not limited to how many megabytes im alowed to download so i gave up the and will never use them again, i think it is a type of scam to get people to order the product then if you want a faster service you will have to pay a larger amount 59.99 for 200 mb a day speed will definately be in the kb's slower than phone service after your hooked they will try to get more out of you the 79.99 package will give you 400 mb's a day but you still have to wait for the alowed time frames to get your speedy downloads but you can always move to the unlimedted dowload's BUT you speed is still the same untill the your time frame hits the proper time usually in the early hours there are certon time frames for every time zone...and if you dont pay for insurance for your system or the problem was caused by lightning, bugs, floods, etc and not from an internal malfunction be prepared to pay for the repare work i had to.

  • Ro
      17th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Any FAP will do this, , , I was wanting to get usage of TV. But as soon as I started to stream, everything went slow.
    I am at fault to not know nothing about the FAP, and the computer I had wanted to use was in the shop that took almost a month to get fixed.
    So I am only a couple of weeks away from my contract. And will have to deal with a moble phone modem. Hey for $60.00 a month to have text, long distance and web browsing and even connect for a 15kb modem oh well.
    Yes just started to build my house too. And work fell out from under me too.
    Read everything about what you are wanting to buy. EVEN THE SMALL PRINT!!!

  • Le
      14th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    Hughes is the most inept entity on the planet. I had their DirecWay satellite system as DSL was unavailable to me for a number of years. It was barely better than dial-up. I ended up paying thousands of dollars to them for their ineptitude for upgrades due to their mismatch of equipment four times.
    My business was dependent on them. I went away on vacation and had all my computers in the shop for upgrades and servicing. When I got back from vacation I hooked up my equipment ready to begin work. But guess what... NO internet. I contacted Hughes and was told that I had exceeded my band width allowance and would be locked out for 48 hours. I asked how it was possible since none of my equipment was online that I could possibly have exceeded my bandwidth and was told that that wasn't THEIR problem. I spent EIGHT hours on the phone fighting with them. They were completely UNRESPONSIVE, UNSYMPATHETIC, told me that I was lying and were outright hostile. This after having had put up with their sorry service for FOUR long years. Thank goodness DSL had just been made available in my area. I was so angered I yanked every piece of their equipment out and took it to the dump. Hughes cost me THOUSANDS of dollars in lost income as well. I will not have ANYTHING to do with HUGHES ever again.

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