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Hughesnet / their fap policies

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Under hughes nets new FAP policy when you exceed (even though they seem to count with bigger numbers) your basic allowance, under their new policy they virtually shut you down for 24 hours. And by shut you down I mean way down. Even though they say your speeds will be reduced, I call reduced to 15 KB down to be atrocious to say the least.

The biggest rip off in the industry and furthermore you cannot talk to anyone about it, their tech support is a nightmare and letters to their corporate headquarters go completely ignored, never even an acknowledgment.

You escalate your complaint thru three or four techs who can't understand your problem and you ger some sort of third or higher lever tech who very rudely tells you that is the way it is and refuses to explain or elaborate.

Basically you can do nothing but pay their bill. I have been using four different speed analyzer programs since last October on HughesNet, one of the four is theirs. All four of them run back to back report within 2 or less percent of each other. HughesNet over the seven months I have been on have shown speeds in the 7 to 900 kb down at 6 AM to Noon then it starts a stead slide down to where from 7 to midnight you are lucky to exceed 90 kb down and sometimes as low as 6 kb down. This is consistent and has been every day for all of these seven months. But if you pose this to a tech they tell you bah humbug and writing corporate is a non-starter.

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  • Ji
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The Cat telling everyone that there stupid for living in the country is a ###, he obviously lives with his mom and she pays the bills. And that hughesnet is not responsible is again a ###, there FAP is ridiculous i get 450mb every 24 hrs. And I can say that it is incredibly low, but there support staff tells me it an enormous amount of data, LULZ ( MAYBE IN 1999). The funny thing is i reach half that in 2hrs of normal surfing, without downloading, without bittorrent, just plain surfing, and streaming. The versionfios lover doesn't have same service, if he did he would be on here too raisning hell cause he can few few his gay dating sites due to FAP. My best advise to u all is to just pick up the phone everyday and raise immortal hell like i do, usually im not doing anything anyway, so let the fun begin . Just last night i received a 97$ credit on my bill, all u guys have to do is raise a little hell and mention the Better Buisness Bureau . that worked for me . And everytime u reach ur fap call them and raise hell, they always seem to undo mine, but im not a nice guy im very blunt and i call em like i see em so get out them phones and let it ripp . Dont worry believe me they will get tired of u. PS: win there support answers the phone and they give u a english christian name but they obviously r some kind of ARAB, tell them u want to know there real name . That always seems to shake things up a bit LOL

  • Ba
      23rd of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hughes Net FAP policy is ridicules. I have had Hughes Net for a year and a half and it has been a nightmare from the start. As of late I have been slowed to speeds that are unusable every other day this week. I have contacted tech support but they are no help. If there are any class action lawsuits out there some one please contact me I would love to be a part of it. This is only a small part of my issues with Hughes Net. Even when I can go online the speed is terribly slow no where near what I am paying for. My 69.99 I thought was for unlimited high speed internet access but what a joke.I have no alternative except dial up and I am going back to that.

  • Ki
      22nd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hughes net dont let them take you money'once you let them in your account they will take money out without permission. They will come out and set up their equipment without checking to see if you can get a line of sight; then they charge you and won't refund your money and they are to blame... dont give them money or sign anything they are thieves their people are rude and and they lie, and cheat people out of there money and give them nothing in return. Stay away from hughes net i have file papers to the attonery gemeral and fraud '''papers thru my bank they are crooks stay away.

  • Ha
      2nd of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I heard what you guys said and honestly, you guys are full of doo doo. How can you say you lost lot's of money with business? You can't be making that much money to afford to lose that much business. If you have, you would've bought a T1 connection that is faster, reliable and more consistent at Go check it out. Pay for the damn install and pay $359 why don't you? If you're losing that much money and making so much money why not get a T1? That is what I'm talking about. You guys contradict and are hypocrite. I am a Verizon Fios customer and I love it every chance. My point in arguing with you guys because I happened to stumble this page and found you guys complaining which I have a friend who installs Direct T.V. and knows a friend who installs Fios. They said the same thing, why don't you guys just live in the city area or suburbs instead of in the country side? If you already into the contract deal. There is always a way to get out of it. Cancel your damn service. Why keep complaining? I still see the same people complaining on this damn board and yet they're still Hughes Net customers? Wow, seriously. Don't give me this excuse that they're the only choice you have. Nobody put a gun to your head and say you have no choice? This is America. Learn to make the right choices. If this is freaking slow than dial up. Then go to dial up. Prove that it's slower than satellite. Stop eating hays and raising corn fields. Learn to move with the technology. If you are not happy with the crappy service. You have a choice to not get any internet service. All these complaints don't serve any justice because it's been up since 2006. If you feel that you've been ripped off, then why sign the contract? Why go with the contract? Don't give me this crap you didn't know what you're getting into when the complaints are on-line and you had dial up before this service. Oh and I love the complaints about India, it's not like you rednecks who live in the boonies are pure Americans. How bout learning not to eat pork and beans and farting in a can all day and speak real American English for pete's sake! Move!!! If you know it's expensive to get this service then save your money and move and get VERIZON FIOS OR COMCAST! Stop making babies within families and living in remote location where King Kong and Tarzan can be found. Learn to associate with people because God forbid this board serves as your communication. Oh and last but not least. Who the hell would use an ISP e-mail provider? I've always use Google's G-mail, yahoo, msn or hotmail. They're free and way better! You can always use Outlook with some of them.

  • De
      29th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree completely, since 9/1 I've been dealing with Hughesnet regarding their inability to provide adequate service (under 100mb) and it's still not working. It took me over a month and hours upon hours of testing (for 3 days at a time - 3 times a day) plus hours upon hours of telephone "support" with a different "non American" tech. It takes about two weeks to get to level 4...level 1-3 (usually talk to about 10 by the time finished) all begin with "are all 5 lights on"...even if you explain that you've already spent hours and gone through all troubleshooting (plus the fact that I'm a computer tech and not stupid). Speaking of that looks like we have an uneducated narcissistic judgemental person who believes that living in the city makes you "what", definitely not a better person and obviously not smarter? Most of us in the suburbs have already lived in the big city (me for 10 years) until finally getting smart and choosing to raise our children in a much better environment. Another obvious sign of ignorance are the stereotypical remarks...but, who knows, maybe if his mom decided to stop making babies, the world would be a better place. Opinions aren't fact, only opinions...unfortunately, the person expressing it doesn't have to pass any test.

  • An
      1st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had Hughes Net installed Sept. 19, 2008, the trouble started with my first bill which they took out of my account the next day! Now I have exceeded the FAP, my God what a mess. I have not had high speed internet now for 36 hours!! Every time I call they tell me to be patient it will be back up in a few hours. The last time I called they said that I was out of the FAP and now I should have my high speed back. Well I don't!! I sat here and timed the opening of a single page, 27 mins. and then it timed out, never opening. Dial up is slow but I never had problems like this. I am a full time student and switched to Hughes Net for homework purposes, but this doesn't seem to be doing any better than my dial up.

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