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Hughesnet / worst customer service ever!

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When we first moved to an extremely remote area of Northern Arizona Hughes Net was about the only choice we had for internet service, even dial-up was not there! It took us almost a month of calls and complaints to finally get someone there to install (oh and we had to put in our own pole as the tech refused that made us wait an additional 2 weeks).
Then this year we moved to Eastern New Mexico. When I called to tell them I couldn't really understand the person, as he was NOT AMERICAN, but he did tell me it would take 3-5 days for installation. Seven days later I call Hughes Net back to find out what happened, again a NON AMERICAN tells me who the tech is and to call them. When I did I found out that it was the same RUDE tech from the year before in CENTRAL ARIZONA! He very rudly says I do not go to NM, you need to call Hughes Net and fix this! So once again I get yet ANOTHER accent, only this time we are disconnected, after he puts me on hold for the 3rd or 4th time. I call again, another accent, she says call our distributor, I ask why should I be calling them, THIS IS YOUR SERVICE! Then she says she can't help that I need to be transferred to ADVANCED TECH SUPPORT! OH so they have people who do not understand or speak English very well as REGULAR TECH SUPPORT, but guess what for ADVANCED TECH SUPPORT I got an AMERICAN!!! He however was a little rude as he told me he didn't know why I did not just call the Distributor, that he himself COULD escalate my problem/complaint but that it would take A LOT longer. So when I finally get all the info to call them myself (see I didn't have the info before, yet they all thought I SHOULD have) I find out that the person who had me on the phone for 30 minutes on my first call to set up the re-install left my FORMER address as the install location! That was why I got the AZ tech!
I am so fed up with the LACK of customer service with Hughes Net, they are a very POOR excuse for a company. For anyone who remembers way back when BELL was the only phone company and then AT&T took over, the customer service from them (which was HORRIBLE) is better than HUGHES NET!
As soon as I can cancel this service I will, and I will warn anyone I can NOT to try them EVER!!! NOTHING is worth the bad service they give both in customer service and with the SPEED the service actually gives! (a snail moves faster)

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  • Bo
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    This is the crappiest company ever. Your story could be mine exactly with just a change of location. We actually put in our pole per the specs from HughesNet and the installer came out and said the pole was the wrong size and charged us $150.00 to put in a pole. I have had several outages during sunny days and since I have two home based businesses I lost a a lot e-mails and some customers. I can't send e-mail with picture attachments or the recepients receive them 100+ times. They freak out because they think I have sent them a virus. HughesNet is the only deal in town for me right now because I live in a rural area. It is severly limiting my business growth and causing me unnecessary stress. During the last outage less than one year from the date of install a transmitter was fried. They told me the transmitter was covered under warranty but the labor was not. The guys that cam out to make the repair to me it was covered under waranty and that I did not owe them anything. Well HN took $125.00 out of my checking account for the labor!!! This was an unauthorized debit and when I called to give them he** of course I got someone that does not understand English. I truly hate this company. It is almost worth moving to be able to have DSL. I am so sorry that others folks have ahd to deal with the craziness.

  • Ra
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I'm over in old Kentucky, I've had the same problem with them for two weeks, I get the entire run around from Tech Support. They wont transfer me to Advanced Tech Support, And I have to deal with all these non American speaking fools. Even went to Customer Support to try to get help but nooooooooo, THEY WILL NOT HELP THEIR CUSTOMERS! If your out looking for a Net company, DO NOT get Hughes Net, Their probably the worst one out there.

  • Sc
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    Absolutely correct, on all fronts, each and every complaint. I live very rurally as well, and until last week, thought HughesNet was my only option. It sickened me to think I was stuck with them. Well, when I ran headlong into one of those insidiously stupid Hughesnet tech support reps on teh phone because my modem crashed, I got fed up, and called an alternate satellite internet provider in the area. She told me they were backed up for three weeks, BUT, that I should give my cell phone provider a call, see if they offered wireless internet for the home, and that most did now. Soooooo...

    For the record, I am cancelling my Hughes Net account (I was accidentally smart enough to not renew the long-term contract when it expired after 15 months), and switching to my cellular provider's (ALLTELL, in this case) Wireless internet. Not because it will be faster or more reliable - it won't be.

    BUT, what it DOES offer is the following - and I am sure that any other cell phone provider wireless service (Verizon, Sprint, etc.) will do the same:

    1 -- I can drive up the road for hardware replacement, if necessary.
    2 - The Tech Support reps all speak English - and not as their 5th or 6th language.
    3 - They actually CARE if your hardware isn't working. No begging for help required.
    4 - When I called ALLTELL's Data Dept. to inquire about their home service, the guy on the phone was honest about the speed and connection issues they had. HE did tell me, however, that before year's end, as he understoood it, they were going to be increasing their speed 3 times over. I wasn't sure what that meant exactly (he was comparing their present speed to DSL), but, time will tell. I'm willing to risk it, if it means I never, ever have to talk to Hughesnet again. Ever. HA!

    The pitfalls:

    I have been "kicking the tires" on this wireless svc. from ALLTELL for a few days - I have a 15-day grace period to decide if it will all work ok. Here's what I have found:

    1 - Just liked the dreaded "Dropped Call" issue with cell phones, you will get a "dropped connection" from time to time.
    2 - It isn't much faster than Hughesnet, if at all.
    3 - It basically works like your cell phone (see item #1), in that if your signal degrades, so will your connection.

    Bottom line, I haven't had any real problems since Saturday, and when I switched the location of the USB access card to a different location, it has stopped dropping connection altogether.

    If you live somewhere without DSL or cable access, as nearly all of us do if we were unfortunate enough to have to hitch our web-wagon to HughesNet, seriously, look for cellular provider-based alternatives, and, at the very least, sign the MINIMUM contract Hughesnet requires, then don't renew. Leave the door open so you can gleefully throw them - and their idiotic idea of tech support - right through it.

    Good luck all. And Hughesnet? Good riddance.

  • Ra
      27th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    We’ve been with HughesNet for what seems like an eternity. If I had another choice – any other choice I’d change in a second. I’ve had little or no service for the past 15 days and have waited, taken time off from work, lost business and more while waiting on “advanced customer support”. I’m not real bright but given the level of customer support I’ve gotten thus far “advanced customer support” can’t be better than mediocre. I have a collection of incident numbers and pseudonyms for people who have names unpronounceable in the English language. Eventually some company will come along and provide average customer service and the fine folks at HughesNet will be out of business and I’ll laugh as they go down the tubes.

  • Du
      1st of May, 2009
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    Yep. I see I'm not the only one. HughesNet is the only internet available where I live in the high desert of Arizona and they take advantage of that. Everytime the wind blows, my satelitte dish stops working and they need to send out a tech to re-align it for $125 a visit! And that is if I'm lucky enough to get a call back from the service technician. Currently I have been calling everyday since April 3rd, when the wind blew down my dish. It has been almost a month and no one has called me back. Furthermore my bill is still charging me a internet service fee although I have called their hotline in India many times only to get their empty promise that I won't be charged a service fee. Is there any way all of us could do a class action lawsuit and at least get out of our contracts? It would be nice to get back all the money we put towards the crappy equipment too. I wish I saw this site before I ever signed up with those @$$#*!&s.

  • Ma
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    This is the worst company we have ever dealt with. Had them for over 5 years because no other service available at the time. Paid over $600 for the equipment, then $60 per month on top of that for very very slow unreliable service! All the comments about dealing with non-english people is true. You can barely understand them! Then AT&T finally offered DSL in our area, so we tried to get off Hughes Net back in the summer. They would not cancel us on the date requested, told us to call back on the exact day of cancellation. DUH! Why couldn't a computer company cancel on the day we called?! We got on AT&T and kept getting bills from HN. Tried one more time to cancel and they charged us $117.98. We Finally paid it to get them to cancel and we were told that would be payment in full!!! Got another bill for 43.98 plus a $5 billing fee. We called again and let me mention that no one NO ONE is willing to work with you! Kept us on the phone nearly an hour each time on numerous occasions, could not find supervisors, etc etc. They are a joke. Today, I spent another hour and the idiot and the supervisor would not get the 48.98 taken off because they said we have to pay for the service even after the cancellation date because they will not and I mean WILL NOT completely cancel on the date they said we are paid in full---with the explanation of saying that we have to pay all the bill thru the last billing cycle! WHAT????? So again they were charging us for service we did not need and had cancelled. DO NOT deal with this company. They are horrible and complete rip offs and have no intention of working with you. We are not paying them another dime because two people said it was paid in full with confirmation numbers and names. AWFUL AWFUL COMPANY!!!

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