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Hughesnet / 30-day cancellation policy is a rip-off!

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HughesNet is undoubtedly the world leader in Internet Access Rip-OFF !!!
Well since I transferred from southern California to somewhat of a remote location (the bowels of Mississippi) I was forced to find alternate means of internet access. Having to settle for satellite TV (Direct TV) due to lack of cable access anywhere outside of city limits I was confronted with numerous advertisements about HughesNet's (formerly Direct Way) blazing fast internet service. So assuring their advertisement dollars were not wasted I gave them a call. I completely explained my situation of having at least six computers on my local network at all times and needing to be able to VPN into my company in CA at a moments notice and to host test web sites. Their customer service rep was all to eager to tell me why I needed the business internet package and all the reasons why their product is superior and they promise a 30 day no risk trial period. If I was unhappy for any reason within the 30 day period just call and cancel and all I needed to do was send the equipment back and they would refund me $400. Sounds great I thought, sign me up! Well after about 25 days of fighting with slow access, horrible email support, unbearable latency issues, and laughable tech support I had had enough! I called their customer service to cancel and after answering 10 minutes of questions on why I was wishing to cancel I was informed of the immediate cancellation fee of $485.00 (posted to my checking account within the hour) Once I received the boxes from them, usually within a week, I would receive a $400 refund within SIX WEEKS of them receiving their equipment!!! Needless to say I was furious. This immediate withdrawal from my account from HughesNet caused all of my monthly automatic debits (i.e. 2 life insurance policies, car insurance, gym fees, etc.) to overdraw my bank account per incidence !! So when all is said and done this no risk 30 Day cancellation policy from HughesNet has cost me in excess of $1200.00. I will be glad to entertain any enterprising attorney that would like to help bring this long-winded giant to it's knees.

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  • Su
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    I have resolved the problem with After they received my letter to the Attorney. General for the State of MN, they contacted me by telephone. I explained the problems I was having with the service.

    They informed me that in April of 2007 they reduced the bandwidth for their customers. Prior to that the service was unlimited. Their explanation for doing this was because of the new customers complaining that they could not use the service or the service was slow. told me that to satisfy the new customers, they cut the older customers service and that they lengthened the wait time from 4 hours to 24 hours.

    I told her that this was not acceptable. And that if they could not restore the service for which I was paying, then I wanted our service discontinued and a refund on the equipment.

    She agreed to refund $400.00 for the equipment. The equipment being the modem and the receiver on the dish (but not the dish). They will refund our money to our credit card account which we paid for the service with.

    I will keep you further informed.

    Have you written your Attorney. General's office yet?

  • Tm
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    Hughes.Net are indeed a bunch of liars, and they forget to mention their fair access threshold policy, which is a complete rip off. The company, however does not mention this, and they give you some crap about a jacked up cancellation fee $400. I am extremely furious with companies that do this. I've had this BS system for 11/2 days and just canceled because after being on line for 2 hours your speed drops slower than dial up which is disgustingly slow. So if you really enjoy 20 minutes of internet, the kicked down to dial up, then by all means sign up. If you are however pissed off about companies like this then I INFORM, "DO NOT BY ANYTHING THEY SELL YOU."

    All I know is this may happen once, but not again. I most certainly would like to settle this in court. As a matter of fact I would not be surprised if these guys are related to companies NRON.

    Peace out

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