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Hughesnet / terrible company

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So, we signed up for HughesNet several years ago, when they were still DirecWay. We paid the huge amount for equipment, almost $800, and the outrageous service fees. We were okay with the service for the first year and a half but as time passed on the service was getting slower and slower until it reached dial-up speeds.

We decided it was in our best interest to cancel the service and look for something else, so we did. After two months of being on dial up, the only thing available in our area, we called them back and signed back up, paying the $25 reconnect fee. After two months of the same old slow, pitiful, service, a storm came through our area and knocked our dish off.

We called the next day to have a technician to come out to reset the dish. After speaking on the phone with someone you can't half understand for 1+ hour, we were informed that the only we could have someone come to our house and reset the dish was to ...BUY A NEW MODEM!!!

The modem has nothing to do with the fact that the dish was out of whack?!?!?!?! They said that we could buy a refurbished model of the current modem for $125(which we had already paid OUTRAGEOUS amounts for.) If the modem did not fix the issue THEN we could pay the technician MORE money to resent the dish.

This is just their way of making you give them more money for their pitiful service.


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  • Sc
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    This is the worst ISP I have ever had. Then I come to find out I have a 2yr contract (much like a cell phone) that I can not cancel without paying a fee of a couple of hundred dollars! This FAP policy is bogus. Says you can't go over the set downloading usage or your connection will slow to a speed slower than dial-up. - Which happens when I'm not even using the computer. Even when I haven't breached my downloading usage, I don't think this connection is any faster than any DSL I have ever had. My recommendation is steer clear of Hughes Net... WASTE OF MONEY!

  • Gr
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    I wish, I had researched this company before I made the mistake of believing their false T.V. advertisement. They have changed their Policy so much as to try and cover their ***. I had their service for only 2 months. I called Their Tech's. 28 times. It was always my system. Strange I have a new Dell computer. We all have the same story and I guess that's how they are stealing our money, let alone everything they can take from your account. Hughesnet sent our account to collections but we canceled our cards before they could rob us even more., especially if you say the word ( CANCEL). I guess now we have to find a way to clear our credit up but I guess they win in the end after all?

    Mr. Hughesnet,
    How can you sllep at night?

  • Gr
      4th of Feb, 2009
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  • Vi
      8th of Mar, 2009
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    When my DirecWay DW7000 was installed (two years ago) I was not informed that there was a limit to how much I could download. Why? Because there was no limit! (Not to my knowledge anyway) 5 years ago when I had the old one-way system, there was no limit.

    Now, without saying a thing (no email, snail mail or phone call) I have a cap on how much I can download. This gives me about 2-3 hours of streaming video per day. After that, I'm 'throttled down' to speeds slower than dial-up.

    The real kicker is that the Hughes company is slow to give you this information, opting to instruct their 'service personnel' (guys in India) to get you to check your system for problems first. (My system has never had a breakdown...knock knock)

    I finally got a tech guy (in India) to tell me about this FAP cap that had been implemented. He said, 'Just wait a few hours, your speed will come back'. The Hughes website (I found) says this, too. But, they LIE!

    Once I reach my limit, it takes a full day (24 hours) to get my 'high speed' back. Until then, I'm screwed. Just think if they did this with DirecTV. That would mean you could only watch TV for 3 hours per day! I wonder how many people would cancel DirecTV if they did that?

    On top of this, my bill went up $10 per month after Hughesnet took over. I wasn't even informed of the price increase! (I get no bill in the mail or email) Isn't this illegal?

    Then, after searching the internet, I find out that the reason the FAP was inacted was because some people were selling their neighbors internet service. So, because other people are breaking the rules/law, my service has to suffer.

    Also, if the Hughes system is 'bogging down' because of so many users, there should be a 'limit' on how many subscribers they can have...but that is definitely NOT the case! I've also heard that they don't offer this info about the FAP when you order your system. Scandalous!

    This company is getting away with it! It will eventually come back to bite them in the @55! I plan on going back to dialup soon as I'm not paying $70 a month if I can't use it freely without worry of reaching my limit.

    Plain & simple, these guys are just as big of a criminal as the people that are selling (sub-letting) their service to the guy next door. Had I known about these changes in my service, I would have never ordered it.

    With the increase in streaming video on the internet, the demand on bandwidth will undoubtedly become more of a problem. So, this situation will only get worse. Until Hughesnet expands their system, they will lose their customers. I'm just another number to them. So are you!

  • Ph
      19th of May, 2010
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    I agree I use to have Hughenet last year for about 6 month the first month is o.k on the bill I have Home Basic it was 59.00 first month than the second bill came 119.00 i say OMG I call Hughesnet customer Service why my bill is so high they told me is because Im renting the modem from hughesnet I told them I'm cancel my service they told me if I cancel my service they will contiune bill me up to 6 month so i call my credit company to stop payment so they did, after that hughenet send my bill to collector they call me everyday to collect the money for hughenet I told the bill collector you are invaded of privacy so i hire pro bono attorney after all that everything it was clear up on my case with hughenet

  • Em
      12th of Oct, 2010
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    I had Hughes Net for 2 years, only because in my area it was the only option. After 2 years of dealing with their TERRIBLE tech support that can barely speak English and have no idea how to actually troubleshoot an issue I canceled my service on a Friday...That next TUESDAY a debt collector called me and was very nastily demanding $362.00. I called Hughes Net to find out why I owed this when 4 day prior I had been told I owed nothing and I was informed that the charge was for unreturned equipment (which is due to be returned within 45 days of end of service) and my last bill which had a due date of 10/29/10 (today’s date is 10/12/2010). So basically Hughes Net had a debt collector calling about a debt that was not even due yet.
    This company is TERRIBLE! go get broadband from Verizon!

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