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Hughesnet / poor service and default of contract to provide adequate bandwidth

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HughesNet client for 1 year now. I am a WISP Operator (Wireless Internet Service Provider).

When I first elected to utilize HughesNet at our NOC (Network Operations Center) HNS's service was not pitted against SkyBlue SISP (Satellite Internet Service Provider) in a competitive selling frenzy of a very finite resource which Hughes refuses to supplement.

In the last 6 months since HughesNet began going toe-to-toe with SkyBlue- and from then on HNS service to it's customers began to degrade on a daily basis.

At our NOC we have three .98meter commercial based systems from HughesNet, each site was originally contracted to provide 2MB/512Kbps Upstream/Downstream bandwidth. As of the last 3 weeks two of my VSAT's can barely provide a downstream speed of 700Kbps, a far cry from 2MB!

Since HNS began its competition against SkyBlue the FAP (Fair Access Policy) has undergone extensive hacking- not at all what I originally contracted for in the beginning. Not to mention that the network is extremely oversold in it's present condition. NOW according to HNS's FAP that has been radically re-authored states that HNS only has to provide UP TO 2MB downstream and UP TO 500Kbps upstream. YES, HNS changed their bandwidth provision in between FAP re-writes from 2MB/512 to 2MB/500. I don't recall receiving an addendum to my HNS contract which I had to sign agreeing to the new conditions! How on earth can I be held accountable when HNS refuses to be held accountable itself?

Last week while on the phone with HNS customer support I asked the valid question of how little did HNS have to provide? The rep informed me that the downstream speed could drop to as low as 500Kbps and the upstream speed would likely see 38Kbps.

Rather than throw a few OC3 connections onto an already overburdened system HNS elected to punish its clients with a newly revised FAP. In the days of DirecWay the FAP would throttle a user to a 1/3 of dialup (18Kbps) for 6-12 hours once he/she reached the allotted bandwidth transfer of 200MB.

Now that HughesNet has stepped in over DirecWay the FAP is really ugly! Now once a user reaches his/her bandwidth allotment of 200MB your account is throttled to 0Kbps for up to 24 hours, not a lick of bandwidth will come through your pipeline under this condition. This is not fitting into the scheme of things for my business as I am in the business of providing reliable connections wirelessly to my clients, except when HNS decides to FAP my system that is!

With 3 "Small Business" packages including 3 public IP blocks my company pays HNS roughly $750 for services monthly.

Just this morning I canceled service from 2 of the three HNS systems as I am going to deploy a fiber connected back-haul from Temecula to Anza where our NOC is.

When asked why I am cancelling, my replies to the HNS rep were:

* The two earthstations I ordered decommissioned this morning failed to be externally ping-able over 70% of the time therefore making access to my portals for wireless clients to log onto the Internet impossible most times.

* Extremely poor downstream speed, lately when I run bandwidth tests I am lucky to see 720.4Kbps.

* By depending on HughesNet as my primary bandwidth provider is hurting my business in a very bad way!

As I was informed by the rep at HNS that I would be penalized $300 early service termination fees for each of the two HNS systems I had decommissioned totaling $600! I informed the rep that I would not pay that fee as I am being punished for jumping ship from a provider that can't provide a dependable connection and it was hurting my business.

My question is how can I defete HNS and their $600 charge they claim they will send to HARD COLLECTIONS!

This is literally insane!

I mean come on folks, if I can't provide a usable service to you- how do I justify monetarily penalizing my client when he/she cancels service due to my failure to provide said services?

Also might I suggest what an un-named HNS billing department employee strongly suggested to forum users at to do... Get your credit card off of the payment system at HNS IMMEDIATELY! Call in and tell them you want to be placed onto Invoice Billing, it will cost you $5 a month more for this service, but is a far cry better than trying to get HNS to refund money to your credit card after and erroneous charge has been placed on it as this regularly does happen. Just call once a month and ask to pay by check to ensure service continuance.

One client mentioned by the HNS billing rep was steaming mad when he saw a $500 charge for service from HNS, not so bad you say huh? This person didn't even know who HNS was let alone own a HughesNet system to attain SISP from!

Pat Taylor

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  • Da
      24th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hughes Net is a fraud and a scam. Anyone sucked into it should. Demand refund from your credit card company. They don't want to do it but insist that it was a fraudulent transaction and they are forced by law to comply. Cancel the card and get a different account. They know they can not win in any court.

  • Jo
      28th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    You are accurate however if you get your money back they will just turn you over to collections and ruin your credit report if you don't pay... Extortion! Pay me for a service you didn't get or I'll ruin you.

    There needs to be a class action law suit to get these guys in line. Right now my situation is similar, fraction of the bandwidth they charged me for, they claim speeds aren't guarenteed. Well they guarentee themselves income for these non-guarenteed speeds. I got my $ back from my credit card company that's when the above happened so it's either repay or be ruined. I paid again under duress and filed a complaint with the Attorney General I hope they get what's coming, we'll see.

  • On
      6th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I beleave if all the hughesnet customers banded together , they would change the packages to better suit our needs, but people like that allways win because people will not band together and
    patition the company to change or loose the group as users.

    If anyone is interested in forming a group like this contact me.

    at [email protected]

  • Ho
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    It seems to me I was right, people can disagree and complain about things but they will never have the guts to stand up and make them change, no wonder america is falling apart, like I said before people can complain but they never act, unless you want to prove me wrong and sign here

  • Su
      13th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was a customer for 3 years because I had no other option. I finally have DSL available to me and the $24.99/month service is FAR more reliable connection (I received an error message on 40% of all my attempts to load web pages) and 3x the speed as the Pro Plus plan from Hughesnet, costing $80/month. Now, after 3 years of use and fully paying all the expensive equipment costs, I am being charged $248 for 'EARLY' termination. I don't feel I should pay it, and would like to know if anyone else has defaulted on this payment. I believe there should be a class action suit against this company. They rip off people in rural areas that have no option but to pay their exorbitant prices and deal with their substandard service.

    I intend to sign the petition at the address above, and hope for a proper resolution.

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