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I have spent more than 8 hours on the phone with 12 customer service representatives from January 2nd 2017 thru January 17th 2017, and still have no Internet. I replaced the roof and they took down the sat dish. I called Hughes Net and they schedule an installer (subcontracted) and made the appointment. The installer calls me an hour before the first appt. to let me know they don't have the part to put it back up, it needs to be ordered by Hughes Net. I call Hughes Net and they reschedule a second appt., at 5pm the day of the 2nd appt. I call Hughes Net and they promised the installer was on their way and they have the part I need. This time I didn't get a cancellation call, but when I called the installer I was told that I wasn't on the schedule because they didn't have the part. They remembered me from the last appt., and told me I had to settle with Hughes Net.

I have been told since, that the part is no longer available and I have to upgrade, and the part takes 3 weeks to order, and the part takes 7 days to order and the part is no longer available and on and on. The latest customer service person has again scheduled an installer to come out saying the part (a DAT) is on all trucks. I have talked to Mexico, Texas and the Philippines. I can't talk to the same person twice so they don't have to take responsibility. I am to the point of tears. Customer Service doesn't talk to the Installing Company except to make appointments and nobody talks to Billing. So I am permanently stuck in this round and round situation, with nobody to help. I Have several numbers they have given me: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] and 7367557. These are the latest numbers, the others are at home and I can't email from home because I have no internet.

Jan 17, 2017

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