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Huggies Little Movers / rash and leaking diapers

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I have always been a proud consumer of your products, in fact I have even persuaded many die hard pamper consumers to switch brands. But as of today I am truly regretting my decision.

I have always purchased the huggies snug and dry product at my local walmart but not having the size my daughter requires I had no choice but to purchase them at my local grocery store.

The grocery store did not have the size I needed but they did carry the "little movers" in her size (Size 5) and I thought to myself, "well it's huggies, can't go wrong with that!".

Oh how wrong that comment turned out to be!.
I have never been so disappointed with a product in my life!!!

She woke up in the morning screaming and very upset! After a very close inspection I noticed that her diaper was soaking wet and it had leaked through her clothes, onto her bedding.

I had thought this very odd because I have never had this problem before and after calming her down I guessed it as being a one time incident. How wrong again that statement would turn out to be!

The next night my daughter started to yell and become very upset during the night and when my husband and I went to go and check on her she was again soaked beyond belief. Her bedding and clothes were severely wet. We had changed her and the bedding and finally settled her in for the night.

Now every 3 hours during the night, both my husband and I are going into our daughters room and changing her diaper to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.

He thought this was very odd and said that he was going to get another package of diapers because maybe there was a defect with the one we brought. He returned to our grocery store and purchased another package of "little movers".

My daughter was put down for her regular nap and well lets say that yet again your product failed her!
My daughter woke up from her nap very upset and quite irritated, when we went to check on her, we noticed that her clothes were soaked but not with just urine, her feces had soaked through her diaper also and was now all over the inside of her clothes and on her legs and all over her buttocks and genital area!

I was shocked and in dismay and immediately grabbed her huggies wipes and cleaned her and changed her clothes.

That night when we went to put our daughter down for the evening, we noticed a few small red bumps forming on her genital area. When we woke up the next morning it had situated to a full blown rash that was so sore we could not even apply diaper cream to her.
We took her to the clinic and was advised that because the diaper was not absorbing the urine properly that it caused her skin to have a severe allergic reaction because of the diaper!

I have never been so shocked and disappointed with your products as I am with the "little movers" brand.

Not only did these two products cost me financially, they caused physical pain and suffering to my daughter! They have put a severe doubt in my mind with your product!

So now that I am financially out the cost of not one package of diapers, but two, (18.99 x 2 = $37.39 but I am on the hook for a prescription costing me $47.98!

I have asked many other parents if they have experienced this problem with your product and was told told that they have noticed some problems with the huggies brand as of late and have switched back to pampers.
I had no choice but to purchase a package of pampers and I hate it, as I truly do like your product but have no faith in it as of lately.

Can you please advise me as to why your "little movers" product would do this and what am I to do about the cost this problem has caused my family and i.

I will expect a response from your company and hopefully I will become a proud consumer of huggies once again.

A very irate customer

Jackie leblond

Jan 12, 2014
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  • Fo
      12th of Jan, 2014
    -2 Votes

    This isn't the Huggies web site, it is a general complaint site. In order to get a response from them you have to go to their web site. Furthermore, you didn't have to go into so much detail with your complaint----you almost wrote a book.

  • Ca
      15th of Jan, 2017
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    Thank You for Posting I too as off late have had the same problem and my sons rash is so bad I'm scared to even take him to the doctor...I would not have even realized that it was the diaper as this time without you detailed posted...but I do suggest emailing the website as as I will too!!!

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