Huggies Diapers / diapers leak and cause chemical burn

Fort Worth, TX, United States

I've been using Huggies for the past 5 months on my 10month old son and have noticed ever since we started that he developed a rash. I didn't associate it sooner to the diapers although I wish I had. I've seen photos online about chemical burns caused by Huggies diapers and my son's skin looks just like that. Inflamed and raised. I change his diaper every three hours even though it's empty most of the time.

On my other daughter, almost three years old, her diaper leaks at night like crazy. I change her diaper right before going to bed and somehow every night she wets the bed. She doesn't move and she still leaks within 3-5 hours of falling asleep.
My email is [protected] contact me for photos.

Sep 11, 2014

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