SUBMIT A COMPLAINT compressor noise

About a year after buying a Samsung French Door Refrigerator (model RF28HFDB WW/AA) from Home Depot, it started making noise (loud enough to hear in next room)...called and was told it was the compressor. Since out of warranty (barely) I paid for repair visit and was told that it is "the compressor valve"..."normal with all refrigerators"..."all compressors these days are made by same place in china".See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Phoenix, AZ Visit was listed as "customer education" but I still had to pay $60 (no materials or labor since nothing was done).
Also, the tray below the ice dispenser fills with melted water after a day or two. Repair guy said that would require replacing entire unit with many wire connections. for which he would have to charge substantial labor and parts. Wasn't worth it, so it still drips.
Previously (while under warranty), we noticed a bubbling place on paint of one door (which they replaced).
Given my experience, I would not recommend Samsung.

Jan 11, 2017

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