HTC / Sketchy and deceiving

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This is a detailed review to show how unprofessional these employees are! You have to go to customer service chat to ask questions and receive a ticket to send your phone. There is an email option, but you will NEVER get a reply. I had to switch between a few representatives because none of them wanted to help - they didn't reply in chat, wouldn't put a ticket in, poor English, or they dared got an attitude. I finally got a rep that cooperated, so I sent my phone in early January. Waiting several weeks later, I get an email of the payment quote in the middle of February. First, they coded my phone in as an M8 when it was in fact an One A9. That seems suspicious to me, how can the repairmen code a phone in wrong when they are going to FIX it? I will not pay $300 for them to repair my phone as something else, which the price is also ridiculous for a motherboard that I can get for $10 online. I sent an email when I received the quote (at 3 AM, chat not available), and asked if my phone could be held because I could not pay at the time. No reply after 3 days, but I receive an email stating that my phone was being send back. (You have two weeks to send the phone in & pay when you receive the quote). I went to chat with another rep about this issue, but she was of no help. Surprisingly, they mailed my phone back fast! Their packaging was just a thin plastic container with tape to secure the phone from moving, no bubble wrap or anything to protect the phone from damaging. Why can they NOT communicate between each other? Why can they NOT be clear with their actions? This company is deceiving and sketchy as h*ll. You pay too much for what their phones are not really worth.

Mar 14, 2017

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