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Thank God this company has only been open for a short period of time, an off shoot of Cydcor the most famous scam company in the world.
If you look up "Cydcor Scam" in google, you will find hundreds of poor people trying to find jobs and going through the same motions as you.

HTC Marketing Company is run by a guy named John Soukas, who will most likely be your interviewer.

Step 1- You will apply for a job most likely on Career Builder or

Step 2- You will get a call back either day of or next day to come in for an interview from a girl named Blair. and she will send you a confirmation email.

Step 3-You will go to the 12th floor of a business tower off of Kirby Dr., most likely with a few other "applicants". The interview will be in a random office conference room with either John or another of his team.
This will last 10-15 min.

Step 4- The interview will be random, very vague, and will be over before you know it. They will tell you that they will make decisions by 5pm for a 2nd round of interviews.

Step 5- You will get a call back, 100% guaranteed, and will be asked to come in either the next day or 2.

Step 6- You will show up tell the receptionist you are here for your 2nd interview and a random team member will come out and greet you. Your 2nd interview is actually you going with this person you have never met, get in a car with them and drive to a location of Houston.

Step 7- For the next 4-6 hours you will be doing door to door sales with this interviewer asking you random questions about your life and past jobs. Yes your interview is you actually tagging along with an "account executive" and tyring to pedal Comcast or Quill office supply products.

Step 8- He will take you to lunch, most likely Subway on him, and will explain how you will make money-
You will make 300-500 weekly and commissions based off of how much you sell for the week. You will not be paid for your first week but that you will get a sign on bonus of 200-300 dollars. You will get half of your medical insurance paid for and gas expenses. You will also have the opportunity for 401k. Then after 30 min lunch, you go back to door to door sales in same random part of town ( very dangerous areas ), for another 2 hours then head back to office. This is your 2nd interview and will then be told they will let you know by 5pm if you get the job.

Step 9- when you get back to the office John will sit you down for 5 min, recap the day and tell you to expect a call around 5 pm or 12pm the next day if you get the job.

Step 10- Blair the admin will call you and email you congratulating you over getting the job. She will tell you to come in as soon as possible to fill out paper work

Step 11- You will come in to fill out paper work, but instead will be going with the last person that took you on your 2nd interview back to door to door sales for 6-7 hours. Then things change a little, you find out more about the company your are working for and how weird and creepy the person your riding along with is. These guys are brainwashed, its not your fault, you have been trapped like thousands before you. They will tell you well we really do not cover gas until a certain point in your job process, ( not sure what this means). This means you may be driving 6-7 hours a day with no coverage. Then he tell you that you will only get up to 150 dollars for medical insurance. Then he tell you that you get paid every 2 weeks instead of the weekly pay they claimed during 2nd interview... exciting i know.

STOP! at this point if you are still considering this job, go talk to a doctor. You may be ill.

Step 12- It just gets weird from here, you are asked a lot more personal questions with your door to door sales driver. He will talk your head off till you get back to the office. Trying his best to befriend you. You get back to the office and Blair will try her best to explain all the paper work which will most likely be you trying to understand the things she is putting in front of you. For a scam this big they actually make you take a drug test which is probably the only thing I could give them props for.

So at this point again, I would go to google and type in Cydcor Scam and see what pops up.

Friend- if you have any intelligence or sanity at this point you will understand that this is a scam, run by hundreds and hundreds of other scammers. Its not your fault you had no idea this was coming untill you looked this up in google. Not your fault.

You may be asking so did you take the job, I did not. I too was way to suspicious of HTC Marketing Company. So I went home, looked up some information from the binders they gave me and magically I found 13, 000 hits from " Cydcor Scam" yes 13, 000 different articles related to this company.

To Sum up- basically John will try to hire you on and promise random and not existing salary information and other random not true facts about the company. Just don't put yourself through it all, turn tail and save your self from totally embarrassing yourself.


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  •   Nov 09, 2013

    not paying my earned money

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  •   Nov 10, 2013 is mt link where i made members to earn money but at the time of payment my password as well as id was not approved by the site...

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  • Ay
      Feb 26, 2014

    u are fake..give me my money.this is my account.i proof pix

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