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HTC Corporation Electronics / htc 10

1 Stockport, England, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

I sent my Mobile in to HTC on February 15th 2018, for repair as I had only had for 14 months and kept crashing with poor battery life.

HTC told me it was repaired and I received a week later minus my screen protector and also my protective case was taken off and returned.

Phone wouldn't turn on initially and crashed with poor battery life when it eventually turned on, exactly the fault I sent it in for!

I contacted HTC and informed them it was STILL faulty!

They send me the returns paperwork the next day and I sent straight back to them.

HTC now say the screen is damaged which is causing the fault and as such have quoted me £130.01 to repair!

I am ADAMANT the screen wasn't damaged when I initially sent it in especially as screen protector and phone case are ALWAYS on, shows no damage to case, AND HTC took my phone protector and screen protector off AND HTC didn't mention any damage the first time they looked at my phone and sent it back saying it was repaired.

SURELY they would have seen any screen damage whilst they took my screen protector off the first time they had my phone and yet HTC didn't mention anything at the time.

They also said maybe I damaged it between receiving the phone still faulty and sending back for them to repair a second time which makes no sense as the fault happened a month BEFORE I first sent in.

I truly believe that HTC have damaged the screen when opening the phone for repair especially as my repair is a processor issue not a screen issue.

I have spoken to Frank (no surname given) today 6th March, at HTC support who said he will speak to his manager in the morning (March 7th) David Green and relay my dissatisfaction though HTC have started if I want my phone returning NOT repaired it will be £26.37!

I have requested a callback from a manager seven times all to no avail.

I have also found people have reported similar issues with the HTC 10 on Trust Pilot AND HTC replied with the same answer that they had found damage to the phone in the same place as mine that is causing the problem.

Please can you help?

Mar 9, 2018

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