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HTC / Brand new Cell phone does not start

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I bought an HTC Touch (3450) phone 3 days ago.It automatically shut down yesterday all of a sudden and now doesn't start!!? It doesn't even get charged anymore. There is nothing I can do... for this phone to come to life ! When I went to the dealer from where I purchased it, they said replacement from their side is only done within 48 hours. A brand new phone dies without any reason in 3 days and I now have to go to the service center to get it repaired! Please suggest a way to get it replaced by the manufacturer smb. I live in Pune, India.


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  30th of Oct, 2008
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I also bought an HTC Tilt and it's does not power on after charging overnight. This is my second unit with the same problem. HTC repairing service is telling me that there's a $302 charge if they repair this unit for me. what a joke!!!
  12th of Jan, 2009
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I also have the same problem with an HTC TYTN II. The phone is less than two months old and had it sent for diagnostics at HTC. Their reply was $367.78 for a mother board replacement. They are alleging that the problem is "customer induced". In other words, I damaged the USB port however; how can one damage a USB port if the only accessories used were provided by HTC? (A/C and PC charger)
I have always been attracted by HTC products. I myself still own an MDA and was much exited with my brand new TYTN but, that has changed after my conversations with their various representatives. No one really cares, they just go by the notes they see on their screens and there is no turn around. No supervisor to talk to or no solution to your problem. To make things worse, one pays for shipping and insurance the first time and then, if the customer does not agree to the charges, a $35.00 diagnostic fee is charged to your credit card.
  12th of Jan, 2009
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Also, note that when trying to send an email to info@htc.com, their mail server takes it as a Spam therefore; any comments sent to HTC never reaches it's final destination. Great company!!!
  10th of Feb, 2009
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HTC's warrant is horrible my Touch Pro stopped working in the middle of the night (literally) & the warranty dept. says, "send it in we should have it back to you in 2weeks." I sent it in & 2weeks later I call them to hear that if I want my phone fixed it will be $89.00. When I asked how do I get charged on a warranty when the phone was just released 3mths. ago, they said I put the battery in backwards so I'm the one who broke the phone. So I reach in my drawer to make sure the battery is still where I left it & it is. Hmm... I don't think anyone stole my phone & gave it back with a battery installed backwards. And furthermore a phone just wouldn't work at all with a backwards battery, it wouldn't get the chance to go out in the middle of the night. So I'm sending the money now that I have no other choice & I was just informed it will be another 2weeks before I get my phone back. What did they do the 1st 2weeks because I just no I same day Fed-Exed the phone?!! In closing I'd like to say HTC's warranty is horrible & I guess there best answer to this worsening economy is to rip-off the consumer. Good luck everyboody.
  16th of Jul, 2009
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Good evening!

My HTC does not start.It stops at "smart mobility", what can I do?
  3rd of Sep, 2009
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mobile stolen from thane

IMEI NO 356785012479115
  27th of Nov, 2009
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I’ve lost my mobile, hope i get my phone back as soon as possible. please find below deta

Your name: Abhishek N Sharma

Address: 795/1, sanjay marg new mandi muzaffar nagar 251001
Phone model: Sony W205
Make: SEP2009
Last used No.:don’t know
E-mail for communication: abhimzn78@gmail.com, 16dec78@gmail.com
Missed date:16-oct-09
IMEI No.: 357838030625489

Thanx & Regards,

Abhishek Sharma

  1st of Jan, 2010
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I am using HTC battery backup is low can some one suggest this is the case with most of its products
  18th of Apr, 2010
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me too had some problems with my htc touch diamond.i was just trying to bring all the settings to factory defolt, and after that when phone was restarting, it reached to alignment screen which was a nightmare.i tried to align the screen almost(bleve me)a thousand times.then i went to the local store in abudhabi to fix the problem.they informed after a day its not caused by any software malfunctioning as they said in the beginning and it seems to them as some hardware problems.wow!!! by just resetting a phone even hardware getting damaged wonderful.they suggested me to go to the authentic service center and gave me the contact nos of dubai center.that was something new to me to know that in the whole UAE there is only one authentic service center and that is in Dubai.what to do? i donno. but obviously there is onething that i knew after purchasing an HTC mobile and that is ...you'll learn much more things about a phone, and its possibilities of get damaged at any time without any special cause...is not this wonderful?!!!
  27th of Feb, 2011
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  24th of Jun, 2011
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  27th of Jan, 2012
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My mobile was Stolen in a BEST bus on 27/01/12 around 8:30am near dadar.
  28th of Jul, 2012
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serial no. SH17HTR15685 HTC WILDFIRE S COLOR: PINK / PURCHASED: JULY 8, 2012 / STOLEN: JULY 21, 2012
  14th of Aug, 2012
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  21st of Sep, 2012
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I've lost my mobile phone on 21st Sept 2012
IMEI number is: 358225047361051
  11th of Oct, 2012
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Stole ed
  1st of Nov, 2012
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Mobile Phone Stolen

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