HSN Shopping Networkmisinformed re applying for hsn shopping card

called to order item thru HSN television. was immediately told I was
pre-approved for HSN Shopping card. was asked DOB, and last 4
digits of SS#. then immediately told I was approved for $4, 500 line
of credit. the item I ordered was $179. shocked by the amount of
credit I was approved for said NO...I did not want that. then told
it was already issued by World Financial Capital Bank and HSN had
no authority to cancel. told to call WFB closed at that time and take
the matter up with them. If HSN had informed me that I was
applying to a Banking Institution I never would have consented.
I will call the bank to cancel...but now will have an Inquiry counted
against my credit score.
I feel they tricked me by not explaining clearly that this card is
not a product of HSN...but an unknown by me financial institution.
I called several times to talk to HSN supervisors to correct this...and
they said they could not do anything. It was now in the hands of the
Bank. These are sneak tactics by Credit Card Banks in my view.
HSN should not offer a credit card to me in their name and not
mention a bank that they do business with to grant customers a
credit card that is called Home Shopping Club...and not the rest
of the process.
I will need to call WFB later today and go through needless
stress and explanation. It's a small matter in my case, but
I feel I must complain because it was sneaky on the part of HSN.
I have shopped many times over the years w/them and when I
call in they already have a record of my phone #, etc. They know my
age is 75 and can take advantage of an elderly person by making it
sound like I was eligible for the therefore I applied not
realizing what I was getting myself in for.

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